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Update Highlights 2.21

Update Highlights 2.21

2 жовт. 2020, 14:1102.10.20

Update Highlights 2.21

Hey, everyone!

Autumn has come to Teleria, and our Champions celebrate it with a festival of ale and good cheer! Just for the occasion, we are releasing 22 new ones for you guys to enjoy. You can find the entire list below.

But that’s not all. We will also remove Rare Skill Tomes from Classic Arena (Gold Tier) and Clan Boss (Nightmare and Ultra-Nightmare) Rewards.

Read on to learn more!


Rare Skill Tomes removed from Gold Tier Arena reward chests and Nightmare/Ultra-Nightmare Clan Boss reward chests

2 жовт. 2020, 14:2802.10.20
2 жовт. 2020, 14:29(відредаговано)

Since you've added some segments to your server and are releasing a full load of new champs, increase the champion roster and vault in one of your next releases.
It's getting really cozy in the champion inventory for many of us and it's a huge problem.

Thx a lot for removing rare tomes with this update

2 жовт. 2020, 14:2902.10.20

New champions are fun but bummed it's not the new Asian themed faction. 

Also what about removing 4 star artifacts from Gold arena tiers? I'm luckily if I get 1 piece worth keeping in Gold 4 each week. 
2 жовт. 2020, 14:3102.10.20

How about another set of rebalances next patch? Grohak and Warchief were left behind in trash tier among other champs.

Also, please consider increasing Platinum arena from 300 to a % of players in Gold 4 (or another higher fixed number that will reward more players working on their arena teams).
2 жовт. 2020, 14:3302.10.20

plarium developers definitly lost their mind ! Make new 16 rare heroes only becose made fusion harder to make?? Not even bored to increase our vault. Other s.h.i.t.y. move from plarium!

2 жовт. 2020, 14:3502.10.20
Sweeeeet! New champions that’ll I’ll never get thanks to the non stop dupe machine you call “RNG”....can’t wait
2 жовт. 2020, 14:5202.10.20
2 жовт. 2020, 14:53(відредаговано)

With all these news champions added, you really need to increase our vault (at least).

Same for artifacts. Management of ressources becomes a hard task just because of your latest features (forge with new sets, new heros).

Do something for this please, it's uncomfortable to spend minutes each day to manage that.

Anyway, congrats for removing rare books !
2 жовт. 2020, 14:5302.10.20

Wow more champs that wont be used xD 

What about releasing new champs with good skills like counter attack, the oldest champs are still the best, like Valkyrie, Maneater, Vizier, Skullcrusher, Dracomorph. Theres no champ what can compare to them.
2 жовт. 2020, 15:0002.10.20

1rst thank you for removing the rare books from unm nm and gold arena rewards. That is very beneficial. 

Second I get the release of new champs and the need to flood in more rares to keep the odds close, but don't you think instead of adding more champs to the current factions you should release a new faction and continuely populate that faction? It would signify more forward progression in the road map as well as entice us whales to spend more to get the new faction.  

Third I hope it's an oversight, but you've added more champs several times now, but our vault and current active champs quantities have not increased for how many we can hold... this is extremely frustrating when 80% of player base is going to hold on to champs for fusion events.

Fourth you recently released new gear for us. Awesome.... but you forgot to add more inventory space for us as well... if you were to increase the inventory space, the player base as a hole would greatly appreciate it!! 
2 жовт. 2020, 15:0702.10.20

So when are we getting for tower? also is this supposed to be a sneak peak to the next battle pass? i mean why else make rare champs at all?

2 жовт. 2020, 15:0802.10.20
2 жовт. 2020, 15:08(відредаговано)

New champions is good & all.

But the thing that I'm most happy about is the removal of Rare Tomes from NM & UNM CB & Gold Tiers.


2 жовт. 2020, 15:1502.10.20
Cherub said:

New champions is good & all.

But the thing that I'm most happy about is the removal of Rare Tomes from NM & UNM CB & Gold Tiers.


It's only good if it means more epic/lego books... which it does not explicitly state... just saying
2 жовт. 2020, 15:1802.10.20

Keeping it short and to the point.

No-one asked for a pile of new champs

Loads of people ask for basic quality of life features (increased artifact and champ storage being the most urgent).

So overall yet another useless patch - i'd even go as far as saying adding more champs without increasing storage and without adding a new team counter champ is making the game worse.
2 жовт. 2020, 15:1902.10.20
New champs are fine but please fix the current ones!! Specifically Brakus, I have posted the video of this bugs numerous times and no real response. 
2 жовт. 2020, 15:3702.10.20
I would really love to get and try some of these new champions! I already have some amazing ideas for them! Sadly, the idea is great but the reality is extremely disheartening. The problem is, you are having an "old-style fusion" coming up and I won't even be able to participate in it! My champion roster and vault are bursting at the seams! This fragment fusion took care of that problem! Why did you fix something, only to break it again? I would love to try new champions but I don't have room to fuse them or even summon more! I simply need another 100 spaces please! It's so sad that there is new content and new champions coming but I won't be able to participate in any of the new stuff... Please plarium, give me more space for champions! I have held strong through your troubled times, waiting for the day you get back growing only to feel like quitting after all because I can't even participate because I don't have space for new champions 
2 жовт. 2020, 15:4302.10.20
Once again, a bunch of champions with no lore/backstory. Lazy work, not mentioning that nobody wants new champs, FIX THE EXISTING ONES!
2 жовт. 2020, 15:4402.10.20
Looking forward to see some new champions in the mix , I would like to know if there is going to be any more rebalancing on this patch as well or is that going to be put on hold until the next path?
2 жовт. 2020, 15:4802.10.20

Every single one of those 16 rares is junk.

The Legos look decent, but this is a big F U to all of us who have been saving up rares and epics to help ease the TIME BURDEN for the upcoming fusion. Not only have the last couple events been shard events, which can't be prepared for, but now there's gonna be a whole pack of new rares to chase.

This is a disgusting move from the perspective of making the game progressively more pay to win, but also because even if I spend a pile of money to do this I will still have to spend a ridiculous amount of time farming.

While I'm not a whale, I'm nowhere near f2p, having spent hundreds on this game. NOONE needs or wants more useless garbage 3 star chicken champs in the game, and this move is so pathetically transparent that it is just disgusting that you will treat the non-superwhale player base with such contempt.

I cut my Raid time significantly for about 6 weeks before this latest update, to the extent that I simulated over 6k gems. The champ rebalance update started to feel like maybe things had changed a bit so I've started playing again, but this has me feeling like I should just quit altogether. I don't want to NEED to make Raid a full time job of time investment just to have a shot at getting any rewards worth anything. The thing is, other than the Russian trust-fund children that don't work and have more money than brains, most people who have the money to spend on this game also HAVE JOBS that means they can't be spending 8+ hours a day farming dungeons, levelling food champs, etc to complete a fusion event.

Shame on you Plarium, and I hope you don't do what we all know you're going to do when putting all new champs into a fusion. IMO no more than half of the rare/epic champs should be new to the game.

2 жовт. 2020, 15:5502.10.20
Something's messed up in cb nm cb is going first on my speed tuned team after the patch never ever happened before 
2 жовт. 2020, 15:5702.10.20

I do not think plarium actually read the comments here and do not actually care what is needed to make the game more enjoyable.

Still everyone will want the same 4/5 champs. no new champs compare to them. no new counter attack or unkillable. so same teams for cb. no one comes even closer to serries, so everyone running after serries. 16 new BS rare for making fusion harder.

Only good staff is removing the rare tome. But does it increase the chance for epic or leg tome or does this increase the chance for brew?

Not increasing the champion or artifact storage. Overall another stupid patch

2 жовт. 2020, 16:0202.10.20

daniel85222 said:

Something's messed up in cb nm cb is going first on my speed tuned team after the patch never ever happened before 
Ignore this I clicked unm before getting coffee lol