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Whoam Iatall

Whoam Iatall

28 янв. 2022, 12:4128.01.22

Whoam Iatall

The original author's spelling is retained.


A ballad to Raine

He who strikes when no one sees
He whose presence no one feels
He whose name brings horror
He who upon enemies casts terror
He whose axe cuts deep
He who conquers fortresses on mountains steep

On a battle with arrows falling like rain
Then emerges the shaman Raine
Be it a stronghold, a tower or a place of power
Combat always calls for a blood shower
The shaman that never sees any harm
Must he always have the upper arm

Years and years gone by
A decent combat is never missed by his eye
Fortresses he conquers and resources he plunders
His shouts of battles are heard like thunders
When the shaman is needed - just holler
And by your side - stands tall the mauler
And with the far sound of his horn
His enemies know they shall be torn

What more is left to tell
Of the fighter who in battle never fell
When a fortress calls he shall be there
With an axe in his hand, mighty as a bear
If nearby, must you always take a glance
At the savage from Vikings: War of Clans