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Simple Guide to Kingdom Battle Fury!

Simple Guide to Kingdom Battle Fury!

31 март 2019, 16:1731.03.19

Simple Guide to Kingdom Battle Fury!

New Clan here but putting up a fight from Kingdom 782 Svjindsager! We won 2nd place but everyone is still happy and we did our best! 💪🏽😎

First: Pay attention on the Bonus location and that’s where you go. (Kingdom of Bonus location is glowing red on the event)

Bonus locations will have an objective that you must execute! From 2x points on yielding, Attacking tower of Fury, killing ghost, invaders and Uber, and 2x points for warriors hunt!

The location changes every three hours so have your alarm clock set! 

You must stacked up on shields (specially on 8 hours shields so it’s easy to waste for pop and go), items for Military strategists for successful attacks on unshielded cities or tile hits, Power for shaman, Energy for Hero, millions of troops for yielding and attacking, boosters for creating an army and Golds. If you have all that, you can perform great on every Bonus locations!

 Bonus location for yielding; yield on Uber lair for quicker and bigger yield! But watch out! Enemies will pop up from nowhere and your lair will get hit if you are not fast enough to call your troops back! So pay attention and only yield on how much your eyes can cover and can recall quick Incase of tile hitters. If you are not ready to be around those big players, go to more remote area with any level resources, activate your decrease yielding for 75% from bank offers or 50% from Clan store as your other options and only yield with Tier 1 troops so their easy to replace if you get hit.

Warriors hunt and Attacking Tower of Fury! Anything goes in Kingdom Battle Fury! Attacking the Tower of Fury (Don’t attack tower of Fury if it’s in your home kingdom), castle or just tile hitting on enemy kingdom, do your best to activate all your military items! It will make your troops stronger and unstoppable- ( stronger than they are at its level and knowledge)! Activate your Aesir and make sure to switch your hero for Military mode, and switch your shaman for military mode, do all these steps before sending out troops to attack! While attacking make sure to be on alert! Or someone will see your shield down so be quick when you see your target, don’t hesitate! And then Pop up your 8 hours shield for cheaper to waste for pop and go - once you send out all marches to all your targets, - and in split second of popping up shield back again.. boost those marches to your targets to make sure you hit it before they shield up, relocate or recall their troops from tiles you wanted to hit. Add these Military items on your favorites for easy access!

Killing Ghost and Invaders; Make sure your shaman is leveled up for better offense and defense against ghost and activate your increase shaman offense by 20% it helps a lot, same goes for your hero, activate their offense increase by 20% and switching their equipment for killing invaders is the way to go! Make them March quickly by activating your 15 minutes March speed up by 250% items from Bank offers is a really big help for both to keep sending them out on a march to destroy and banished their targets! But again, Make sure you have plenty of Power for Shaman and Energy for hero to execute these missions..

I have only been playing for a couple of months, these are the steps I have learned so far and happy to help and learn more. I hope I’ve provided some good pointers and good strategies! 

Thank you for reading and giving us a chance to share our experience and strategy for better and more fun playing this game! ❤️💪🏽😎