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A high level guide to win Kingdoms Battle:Rage

A high level guide to win Kingdoms Battle:Rage

28 март 2019, 20:3228.03.19

A high level guide to win Kingdoms Battle:Rage


1)Kingdom peace: a house divided against itself cannot stand. It only takes one player to feed the enemy to ruin the effort of everyone in the kingdom.

2)Communication: how to talk tactics if you can’t even talk?


If you are a high functioning kingdom, these tactics are meant to defeat another high functioning kingdom.

1)Focus on Farming: if you have 100 good fighters vs 1 good farmer in a war, the farmer will win. Good farmers always score more points than they lose.

2)Protect your Farmers: now if you have 99 farmers and 1 fighter vs 100 farmer, the fighter can be a winning advantage! So make sure you have players who know how to counter fighters who are trying to disrupt your farmers.

3)Disrupt their Farmers: enemy farmers should never farm in peace. Always have at least one disruptor at all times.

Key points:

1)Train: everyone who has a role should be well trained in that role.

2)Share: Share your information and resources with other clans in kingdom. This is how you build the kingdom bond.

28 март 2019, 23:4928.03.19

I'm sorry but I fail to see the high lvl here. How exactly do you plan to protect your farmers? Chase after tile hitters and waste time? Shielding times now don't allow that and never have. Farmers can only protect themselves with resending 10k t1 without stop, enemy will give up on their own. 

Just name it beginner lvl guide. You can