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How to win the Kingdoms Battle: Fury

How to win the Kingdoms Battle: Fury

27 март 2019, 03:3227.03.19

How to win the Kingdoms Battle: Fury

- Effectiveness conditions:

    First of all, for the tactics to be effective, it is necessary to know the abilities of the clan members and to divide them into two groups: farmers and attackers. It is also important for all members to wait for the event to spend gold on the energy of the hero and the shaman in order to attack various invaders (especially ubers) and ghosts just on enemy kingdoms, always hurting those of the highest level possible.

    It also helps if the clan leader motivates members to achieve personal achievements, explaining that doing that, they will receive additional bonuses in case of victory (gold and boosts).

- Tatics:

    Each group (farmers and attackers), in its specialty, should seek, all the time, to perform bonus activities that award double points, even if they have to keep changing between kingdoms. For the farmers, it is crucial to gathering just in enemy kingdoms, always using “1hour Resource Yielding speed-up 75%” and shields on yielding tiles. For the attackers, they must use all military stuffs, increasing damage and making even more points.

    Onslaught unshield enemies and Towers of Fury. Remember to reinforce trap palaces,  and always shield up fast after attacking to avoid being hit by enemies through marching boosts.

    One of the best tactics is to set traps. To do this, plot a city with strongest players troops and leave it without shield. The enemies that attack this city will surely lose the battle and this will result in many points to the clan.

- Key points to pay attention:

    It is interesting to limit the number of troops by sending them to gather resources, so that in a possible enemy attack, they do not score much. One suggestion is to send between 10 or 20 thousand soldiers for each tile.

    Guide all members to be as active as possible and keep their cities always protected by shields, avoiding giving points to enemies.

Following this manual, the chances of victory will be very high!



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