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Helheim Floor 10 at node 7 catacombs

Helheim Floor 10 at node 7 catacombs

28 май 2023, 07:2828.05.23

Helheim Floor 10 at node 7 catacombs

I just played Helheim floor 10 at node 7 in the catacombs. These are the following statistics and equipment you need to finish about 16 to 19 different chambers . You must pick the 'female' champion, too.

1. Strength -> 2845 points 

2. Agility -> 4103 points

3. Intuition -> 3047 points

4. Vitality -> 448 points

The champion equipment is the following.

1. Beowulf's Headband

2. Spellbound flail

3. Enchanted Trim

4. Armored Breastplate

5. Circle of Elements

6. Durable Boots

And I am sure if some adjusts these statistics then perhaps then they might finish Helheim with level 11 buildings with 3 nodes on all chambers. I do not have anymore "Second Wind" tokens to reset my statistics to do this myself at this time during the week.

28 май 2023, 11:1128.05.23

Quite a lot of patience is needed for three stars on floor 10 node 7 - or Soulbane from the Seasonal store.

Received wisdom would have you adjust Circle of Elements and drop Vitality to 26.

29 май 2023, 04:0129.05.23

Mighty Thor,

Thanks for your  post, I am sure it might  be of interest to any new players who venture here, as most seasoned players will have long finished this item.

I will post here, what I wrote on the original  thread. which is here for all who are interested in finding it, and doesn't want to wade through all the spam.



Just completed floor 10  node 7, a bit of an anticlimax really as there is no fanfare, no specialty pop up , only the basic  you have finished the floor with three stars etc.

It was my 67th run, without the usually suggested set up,only ever using Unnar, so to me at least, it shows it is possible, I hadn't even used all my skill points. 

So your bit  about  the statistics  needed, and  having to use the female champion, which mirrors almost  all the posts on the original thread is not true.

29 май 2023, 04:2629.05.23
29 май 2023, 04:35(отредактировано)

I did not post these last time.


There is no need to have  vitality as low as 26, and you can see I have 46 unused skill points.


Here is my  champion again.


18 июнь 2023, 12:2318.06.23

First of all player, WDYWTNTF I ran about 15 tests on Floor 10 before I posted those Helheim Champion statistics. So, you are absolutely wrong. And as far as, my agility and intuition is concerned. You have to have these values when a player has reached nodes 1 through 7 on Floor 10. So, I am absolutely correct. I reached this floor 10 using the male champion from Floor 1 node 1 to Floor 10 node 6. So, you have no idea what you are talking about either. Also, my model champion statistics come from others who have finished Helheim with Floor 10 node 7 with 3 stars.

19 июнь 2023, 02:0119.06.23

I posted in answer to Mighty Thor's  suggestions

So you are both Mighty Thor and Lord Raiden?

What is the significance of having done 15 tests?

 Irrespective  of what you think, others think or what you think others think.

No you don't have to have those ,Mighty Thor values, I did it without those values.

That was the whole point of why I reposted my informtion.

So how come I don't  know what I am talking about if my post proves I got everything done ,i.e Floor 10 node 7 with 3 stars and as shown? 

Also with 59% energy left.

20 июнь 2023, 13:3920.06.23

First of all player, WDYWTNTF it is that I finished the game Helheim catacombs completely about 3 years ago. The posts I am making are completely new with a new Helheim game this company recreated. Your comments are completely misplaced. My purpose for posting both my comments about Helheim is to aid or help either new or former players who struggle playing this game. Second, my values are very close to your 'own' post I just viewed this morning. So, I have no idea why you keep responding to my successful game I mentioned here. I finished Helheim Floor 10 node 7 with 2 stars and 19 chambers!

20 июнь 2023, 17:0520.06.23

Hardly anyone who plays the game comes to the forum.

You didn't need to quote('') my own, I did not copy anyone else's idea, had I done so I would have been using the female champion  and the suggested stats for her.

My set up was achieved by observation  of events,not by blindly following advice, good or bad as it may be.

Quoting  below, your last  sentence

 I finished Helheim Floor 10 node 7 with 2 stars and 19 chambers! 

Do you not mean 3 stars?

21 июнь 2023, 08:0321.06.23
8 июль 2023, 19:15(отредактировано)

Hey listen man, I got my model to play Helheim from NEGAN who I know personally and followed one of his streams in Jotunheim. You are not addressing some fool in this game. I know several famous players in Vikings: War of Clans! So, you need to hold your tongue addressing us famous players! And no, if you actually read this post I wrote it specifically notes that I didn't finish the Helheim catacombs with 11th level buildings. You are also participating in the 'wrong' forum', sir! This particular forum along with my other posts are for 'novice' players. If you actually read my post you would know it is not for experienced players like you!

24 июнь 2023, 05:3524.06.23

The frustrating thing about buying the Soulbane was then having to plod through getting to Champ lvl 48 to be able to use it. After that, it only took a few explorations to finish the final floor.

24 июнь 2023, 07:4424.06.23

Player, Ivor_Hardon the only thing a player has to do is reach Helheim floor 10 and node 7 with either champoion at level 50. At that point any player will have three stars on node 1 through node 6. The problem discovered by thousands of players is how Plarium Global, Ltd. developers have changed Helheim floor 10 and node 7 as being difficult to finish.

26 июнь 2023, 18:3626.06.23

 Other than hearsay from thousands (exaggeration??!)of players.

 What personal evidence do you have that Plarium has changed Helheim floor 10 and node 7 as being difficult to finish. 

30 июнь 2023, 05:2730.06.23

Because, I finished Helheim Floor 10 node 7 about 3 years ago sir! The town I am modeling this on is a 37th level alternate town account I am upgrading. When I put in my same champion values and equipment, I could not even finish the last node on Floor 10. Obviously, Plarium Global Ltd. changed the Helheim catacombs game and added this Soulsbane right - handed weapon bought with Runic coins. They changed their game to sell this Souls bane right - handed weapon. The values I listed are equivalent to the Soulsbane right - handed weapon. When we, the Vikings: War of Clans community used your same equipment. We did not reduce the vitality values.

30 июнь 2023, 11:3330.06.23

Though I would tend to agree with you that they change the game without saying anything about it, and thus make it thereafter more costly,the fact that you cannot finish the event on your alternative account isn't proof of a change, it is just circumstancial.

If it was  just a matter of having the needed values then everyone would be able to get the three stars on the last node first time and then everytime after, as would be the case throughout every node and level.

It can't be that hard if a dummie like me can get it, and without using all the champion skills.

2 июль 2023, 16:1302.07.23
2 июль 2023, 16:17(отредактировано)

Okay, I considered your 'theory' sir! A theory or postulate is simply a fact that has not been proven yet. So, I will test your theory when I earn some more Second Wind items to reset my Helheim Champion's statistics. I did try values near your values but not your exact values. It looks like you used the male champion. I will even change from the female champion to the male champion and give your claims and theories a trial test. You are persistent in claiming my success with finishing Floor 10 node 7 with 19 chambers is wrong! You claim I have no business helping thousands of other players to reach Floor 10 node 7! Okay, I will test your postulates and theories and see if you are correct sir!

2 июль 2023, 16:3902.07.23

Okay, Mr. wise guy! I logged on to my older town account and went into the Helheim catacombs with better values than I had three years ago. But I will run another test and put your values in. I have the same equipment and a male champion. That is what I had 3 years ago, too. Yet, I have a lot of vitality but I will lower it and increase my agility. I have the same values near your strength and intuition. Then I will run a second and third test to try out your theories and postulates, sir! Yes, I passed Floor 10 node 7 with only 19 chambers and 2 stars!

3 июль 2023, 10:1603.07.23

I did not claim that your  your values were wrong, nor that you had no business in trying to help others.

I do not know if they made it harder since you  previously finished, it would be impossile for me to tell,all I was saying when I first posted my success was that this is what I did and how many attempts it took.

Back them, many people were complaining that they couldn't finish the last floor node with three stars and I did it in less than a 100.

The suggestion being, that maybe they were blindly following bad information by copying

8 июль 2023, 19:2508.07.23
29 июль 2023, 04:45(отредактировано)

Oh yeah, and finally at last I can clear up not only all the confusion 🙌 made by Mr. WDYTNTF player 'dude' 😈 but now maybe thousands of players 🚶 may 'finally' understand this game 🙇 through an intelligent and extremely 'wise' insight I have acquired in 🙏 this game! At long last, it is indeed a pleasure to 'finally' clear this arguement up 🙌 with you Mr. WDYTNTF player dude 🙇! I found out you are absolutely wrong, period! What it is that the creators of Plarium Global have changed the game values to play in the Helheim catacombs but the process to win has 'never' changed as Mr. WDYTNTF player dude 😟 suspected. But overall, I am the 'one' who is right about this post. What it is online audience is this, I accidently obtained Beowulf's boots on the 9th floor node 1 through node 7. You have to obtain the follwing to finish Helheim catabcombs Floor 10 node 7 with the original Champion statistics I listed: Beowulf's boots, Beowulf's headband. And this is the main reason I was so close to finishing Helheim catacombs Floor 10 node 7 with 19 chambers!

8 июль 2023, 21:4008.07.23

Total rot and that's my last word on it.

13 июль 2023, 07:0413.07.23

Helheim is the ominous world of the dead,  a place fraught with many dangers, but also bursting with treasure. You can enter it through the Gates to Helheim that are located in your Town, but you will be able to do so only after your Palace reaches level 10.

22 июль 2023, 05:3822.07.23

As of my last update in September 2021, I don't have specific information  about the Helheim Floor 10 at Node 7 in the catacombs for any particular game. The details you are referring to are likely related to a specific video game or online game, and I don't have access to real-time gaming data or walkthroughs.

If you are playing a game that features a Helheim floor or catacombs with node systems, I recommend checking online gaming communities, forums, or the game's official website for guides, tips, and strategies related to that specific level. Players often share their experiences and strategies to help others progress through challenging levels like Floor 10 at Node 7 in Helheim.

Additionally, you can refer to in-game guides or ask fellow players within the game for advice on how to overcome this specific challenge. The gaming community is often helpful and willing to share knowledge to enhance the gaming experience for everyone.