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Invader's materials

Invader's materials

24 май 2017, 06:1824.05.17

Invader's materials

Great strategists!

We have made a table that will help you to find out which materials you can get by attacking a specific Invader. This detailed information will be useful for newbies and experienced Jarls alike.

29 май 2017, 11:5829.05.17
not bad material. thanks 
6 июнь 2017, 17:1006.06.17
Thank you this helps a lot.
29 июль 2017, 01:1929.07.17
and what invader is dropping a Rope?
5 авг. 2017, 11:2605.08.17
10 авг. 2017, 18:4910.08.17
You can also get materials from completing Tasks - I've gotten more Rope from that, interestingly, than from anything else.
13 авг. 2017, 22:2113.08.17
Can i know how it works now for the invader, when i look on the global i see pict kazar and hun.  no where 1 of those in the list ?
14 окт. 2017, 15:2714.10.17
Which level of invaders is it best to hit to get materials to craft gear. As in best quality for the energy spent. Thanks!
16 окт. 2017, 00:3516.10.17

Lanie said:

Which level of invaders is it best to hit to get materials to craft gear. As in best quality for the energy spent.       Thanks!

I have a sneaky feeling that the issue is more complex that it appears at first glance , because it depends on a number of other contributory factors, of which you might not be aware of yet

You may know this  already, but in case you don't, it takes 1024 of the simple level of invader equipment, to make just one legendary level .so you might think I will go for level six invaders, which are supposed to give higher quality drops, but until you have done all the research  you don't have the option of choice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

So it might be a long time before you have that luxury. 


I hope you get lots of replies to this as it interests me also, someone who is better at the mathematics would be ideal.   

18 окт. 2017, 22:0218.10.17
18 окт. 2017, 22:04(отредактировано)

I thought someone might suggest watching videos.

Firstly, they are not always  easy to follow.

Secondly, they might be out of date.

Thirdly, posters often change their suggestions, and don't always agree with other posters.   

Lastly, I have seen quite a few of the videos by the guy, WWM.

With particular reference to  the suggested link video

The problem here is he is talking from the prospective of a player who was at a high level,which isn't of much use if you have only just started playing the game and cannot hit all the levels he suggested.

The tests  he made seem to have been done  when most of his research is completed , so there could be different results at earlier stages of the game.        

Further more, along with many other sources of advice,he suggests the way to go is to use sustained attack, rather than enhanced attack, which is contrary to what I have found personally.

Long before I saw this video, I had collected information on what results I got when hitting  the invaders from the level I could attack. I found that as my Hero level increased and I got more skill points against invaders,the amount of goods dropping went down.

I have again recently researched, sustained attack versus enhanced attack, and found I get less goods dropping from sustained attack than enhanced .

However there are other factors to consider, one of which is: all you get from level 1 invaders are simple items,

To make one legendary item, it takes 1024 SIMPLE items,but only 256 USUAL,64 UNUSUAL,16 RARE ,or 4 EPIC,,suggesting you should attack level 2 and higher  in order to reduce the number of items you need .                                                                                                         

But you would have to take in to consideration  the % distribution of items dropping in the other invaders layers, and the energy required to kill them, which  is why I hoped someone else would do the mathematics of it and post it 

26 май 2018, 17:1126.05.18
has anyone come up with an answer? I would really like to know! I have hit a few tiger level invaders and find that actually you done get that much improvement in items but you do get better gems....I must say I am getting bored of hitting invaders to build gear, it Is feeling more and more like a way to encourage/force you to buy energy packs.........
18 июль 2018, 16:4418.07.18
18 июль 2018, 18:4418.07.18

It depends on the player. The one who can afford maxing all important knowledges (and even having an invader gear) should only go for level 6 or ubers.

On level 6, i get an average of close to 1 legendary, 2 epics and a lot of rare, without counting gems.

On ubers, i get 1-2 legendary per uber, a lot of epic, an awful lot of rare.

If you have extra hero energy , you should only hit one hit at a time until your sustaied is maxed. It is when my susatined is pretty high, when I get a critical hit that I will have that legendary material or at least epic. And you will hit harder and hrder each time so you will require way less energy to kill one.

By pressing enhanced right away it will take a lot of hits to kill so a lot of energy and you will get a ton of rubbish materials.

30 июль 2018, 17:0030.07.18

BRB said:

On level 6, i get an average of close to 1 legendary, 2 epics and a lot of rare, without counting gems.

On ubers, i get 1-2 legendary per uber, a lot of epic, an awful lot of rare.

one things with uber is that each uber have 4 type of them who is not drop by usual invader, same the lvl 6...

some of these gems are very usefull like Pict Aquamarine ( improve research speed ), Longobard Indicolite ( improve construction speed ), Gepid Euclase ( improve training speed ), Avarin Taafeite ( improve offense all troop )...

total there is 16 gems only drop by ubers who make them really more interesting that lvl 6 invaders

2 янв. 2019, 01:3102.01.19
Is there an equivalent table for Ghosts?
26 нояб. 2021, 14:3526.11.21

pls show material picture instead of name it would be easier to recognise