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Tips for activating Siege status in the Stronghold

Tips for activating Siege status in the Stronghold

20 июль 2020, 05:5220.07.20

Tips for activating Siege status in the Stronghold

A Stronghold siege is a great way to earn points in a Competition, obtain Soul Shards, or just have fun. But mistakes when activating Siege status can negate the efforts of the whole Clan and really spoil the party atmosphere. That's why we decided to create a list of recommendations that will help you to get the best outcome from "activating the SH."

Milk it for all it's worth! 

Try activating Siege status during Competitions where points are awarded for killing enemy warriors. 

Who activated it?! 

Pick the person in charge of activating Siege status from among the Clan Elders to prevent spontaneous activations and possible conflicts. If there's any trouble, you always know who's guilty. :) 

Stand by! 

Keep a reserve of Precious Dust in the Stronghold in case of a sudden siege. Especially during the Kingdoms Battle: Fury – you must always be ready to react if a double points bonus for killing warriors suddenly appears. And, of course, regularly remind your clanmates to send resources to the Stronghold, including Precious Dust. 

Know your limits 

Upgrade the Tower of Odin only if your Clan successfully repels all attacks of troops led by jötunns on the current level. Because on the next level, there are even more powerful enemies, and to activate Siege status you will need even more Precious Dust. 

Use your time efficiently 

Since Siege status can be activated every 3 days, it's worth using this function to its fullest. Don't let it stay idle for extra time after recovery and you can earn more Soul Shards and points in Competitions. 

Everything on a schedule 

Try to activate Siege status every Clans Battle, Kingdoms Battle, and Fury. But if it's difficult for you to defend the Stronghold during global Competitions, you can do it during peaceful days (on Monday and Thursday). 

We're already here! 

Always meet troops led by jötunns fully armed and with the maximum possible headcount of troops in the Stronghold. Send reinforcements beforehand, but not too early, or they could be dislodged by the Onslaughts of other players. Here, the coordination within the Clan and the simultaneous sending of troops are important. 

Analyze your enemy 

Pay careful attention to warrior types and their headcount in jötunns' troops so you can send reinforcements of the corresponding type and tier to the Stronghold. This will increase your chances of a successful defense. Color-coded jötunn icons in the Marches tab in the Tower of Odin will give you an idea of how powerful the enemy is. 

Everybody to the game! 

You're better off not activating Siege status if there aren't many clanmates online. You should choose an activation time in advance and prepare for the battle together. 

Watch out 

You shouldn't keep wounded reinforcements in the Stronghold after jötunns' attack, since other players can easily dislodge your remaining troops with an Onslaught. 

P.S. Remember that an extra hour of sleep can cost you victory in the Competition, since your cunning opponent is always awake, just waiting for the moment to "activate the SH." So keep your eyes open! ;) 

Do you have something to add to this list? Don't hesitate to share your advice under this post. We hope that our recommendations are useful. Good luck in your battles! 

21 июль 2020, 22:2121.07.20
How do u get remaining troops home? My troops bounce out after the attack & I've looked in my Shrine & c no reenforcements. 
23 июль 2020, 15:3123.07.20
In the future patches..Can you please add a demolish button to the Tower of Odin.My clan as i belive many others upgraded it..or in some cases ppl left the clan and now they are faced with an oversized Tower.I mean it is ridiculos being an 600b influence clan with a lv3 Tower of Odin .
24 июль 2020, 01:1924.07.20
I can see what might be said about this, but there is a work around. 
26 июль 2020, 17:5726.07.20
Add the possibility of selecting the level of troops you want to attack based on the level of Tower you have
14 янв. 2021, 20:4714.01.21

You don't have to send troops in to every march. Select the ones you want to defend. But leaving it at level 3 gives you future options.

27 май 2021, 15:2427.05.21
27 май 2021, 15:24(отредактировано)

how different clans make different points in kills if we all have the same marches in and noone hitts stroghold and all marches troops are kill

28 июнь 2022, 08:1028.06.22

how can't see enemy's siege activation on clan chat ?

28 июнь 2022, 15:4828.06.22

how can't see enemy's siege activation on clan chat ?

Greetings, stavros!

Possibly, they just activated the Siege in the Citadel of their ally. This way you will not get a message about the Siege have started 🙂