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More about changes to the Clans Battle

More about changes to the Clans Battle

9 нояб. 2019, 10:2809.11.19

More about changes to the Clans Battle

The following features have been added to the Competition:

  • 5 legendary checkpoints in Clan achievements
  • Personal achievements and 15 checkpoints for them
  • 7 task categories

Rewards for normal checkpoints in Clan achievements (1–10)

All Clan members* who earn at least 1 point during the Competition get prizes for passing these checkpoints. The rewards are given instantly once the Clan earns the required number of points and reaches the checkpoint.

* If you join the Clan after the Clans Battle appears in the Events window, you won't be able to earn points for your Clan, and therefore won't receive a reward for passing checkpoints.

Rewards for legendary checkpoints in Clan achievements (11–15)

To receive rewards for these checkpoints, Clan members must earn a certain number of points in personal achievements. Don't forget that each subsequent legendary checkpoint requires more points than the previous one.

Rewards for checkpoints in personal achievements

Clan members receive rewards for these checkpoints only if their Clan wins the Competition. 


Now all tasks in the Clans Battle are divided into seven categories.

In each category, the Clan that earns the most points is the leader.

To win the Competition, the Clan needs to come top in more categories than its opponent.

If the opponents succeed in an equal number of categories, the Clan that earned the most points overall wins.

Rewards for winning the Competition 

1. Reward for Clan members

For winning the Competition, all Clan members who earned at least 1 point, receive: 

  • Bonuses for processes in Stronghold
  • Special items – Star Shards

2. Reward for the Chief

The Chief receives resources for Clan development. The amount of resources depends on the League the Clan belongs to, and on the total number of points earned by all Clan members.

9 нояб. 2019, 12:1909.11.19
9 нояб. 2019, 12:29(отредактировано)

This is going to be as expected, its not worth the while bothering with.

There is the requirement to do things not normally done,and without a stronghold the clans already 1 category down.

A separate category for points in defending, means you have to let someone attack you, which means either on tiles or leaving the town exposed. 

You mostly get attacked on tiles by much bigger players so the loss in manpower is significant, it will also mean that yielding will also be that much harder .

Of course this may be your plan.


I believe its ill conceived,

Lets see how many more players quit.

10 нояб. 2019, 16:3910.11.19
10 нояб. 2019, 17:59(отредактировано)

Hola, me parece desorbitada la cantidad de puntos que pide para la liga que es. Deverian revisar los puntos para clanes.

Hi, I think the amount of points you ask for the league is exorbitant. They should review the points for clans.

10 нояб. 2019, 18:5910.11.19

I hope you did not get rid of the bastion town skin for reward. We love that town skin! Not everyone can achieve or like those permanent town skin with their individual bonuses and some will for sure take forever to achieve.

You still need to calculate the leagues.. it’s not fair for a less 100b- influence to be in same league +800b influence with the same Task! They can’t ever get rewarded and work 5x harder than a clan of 800b+.. and the bastion town skin is one of the only things some of the clan play hard for to win CvC and you’re taking that away? Not smart.
11 нояб. 2019, 15:5411.11.19
one more thing they said we asked for.  not me.. this was a good game till now.  I can't believe they are going to kill this game with all these damn changes that suck......
11 нояб. 2019, 19:3511.11.19
The bastion town skin is the main reason we fought to win the clan wars as well. I’ve been saying for awhile now that the rewards on this game do not coincide with the amount of effort and money that is put into the events just to win a few time boosts up to 24 hours, and that’s if you hit 8b points!?  Smh... seriously? Taking away the good stuff (bastion town skin) to add in another money spending material so we can try to earn a few bonus’s all while we continue to spend hundreds of dollars (or more) to achieve less... makes a lot of sense plarium. 
11 нояб. 2019, 23:1111.11.19
Bastion of the Beast was the only thing worth fighting for.  If you have taken that away then you will lose many players.   
12 нояб. 2019, 11:0412.11.19
Rusty said:

Bastion of the Beast was the only thing worth fighting for.  If you have taken that away then you will lose many players.   

12 нояб. 2019, 16:3212.11.19
What are the Star Shards for? 
12 нояб. 2019, 16:5112.11.19
The new method it turning out to be quite expensive.  (Ghosts and Ubers)  Its good that a clan cannot train you to death.  Point requirements are very high for rewards.  new requirements require highly active clans.  One can not just show up and train or show up and load pop and be done.  SH category does nothing for clans that have SH maxed ;-(
12 нояб. 2019, 20:3712.11.19
12 нояб. 2019, 20:41(отредактировано)

The last point about the stronghold being completed and offering no possibilty for scoring  is exactly the same for those without one, and in some respects  no different for any of the targets set to be achieved.

Players get to the point where they cannot score in events or can score only a few levels because of constraints of the game.

As in the example of tasks refreshers, unless you have the mega amount you have you are only likely to  see three free refreshes in a day and you are talking of a maximum amount of 45 if you have reached the dizzy heights of VIP 30.

So the idea  of winning,that you can complete 10 levels, or get one of the top places is completely ridiculous.

It wouldnt surprise me to find that its better to ignore the events and just get the bank offers  to get the things needed to grow.

12 нояб. 2019, 21:0812.11.19
Making the game more time consuming and complicated is adding insult to the already proliferated injurious aspects. Intrinsic motivation is the missing link, to solving complex problems. Thats why gamers are so frustrated by ignorance of what seems so obvious to them.
12 нояб. 2019, 22:3212.11.19

With out doubt one of the worst updates yet, I did not think I would see an update that actually discourages clans to fight. A clan can find great targets and out score their opponents 100 fold and still lose because it only counts for one category and in fact the attacks give the other clan defence points and let’s them heal troops. A clan that refuses to attack anything and only sends small marches will win the defence category as well. The only thing this update has done is make our life partners happy because cvc is not worth playing anymore, more time to mow the lawns everyone!

13 нояб. 2019, 09:3513.11.19
The only event i enjoyed playing ,is now not worth the bother.
13 нояб. 2019, 11:2913.11.19

I think its a good idea to keep innovating the game and introduce new stuff. The SH defense is a good example. I like that although sometimes I get the feeling that Plarium wants to feed more on us...

But this new CvC update? Well I really hate it and lost all interest in participating like almost everyone in our clan. Maybe it works below Odin's league to give the smaller clans a chance to grow but above 5T people want to fight for their money and not farm or upgrade a SH which is already maxed..

I hope more people express themselves and it will be changed in the next update.

14 нояб. 2019, 16:4114.11.19
14 нояб. 2019, 17:03(отредактировано)
congratulations plarium you have managed to kill the only thing i really liked doing helping the clan in cvc nothing left in this game to told my interest now or get my money  i just find it really hard to] believe anyone who has played this game for a week or so would ask plarium to do this to them. i am curious to see just how long them big spenders will stay with nothing left to upgrade or no one to fight and have to farm to get any points 
16 нояб. 2019, 09:4316.11.19

Bastion of the Beast was the only thing worth fighting for. We want it back!!!

17 нояб. 2019, 00:0317.11.19
17 нояб. 2019, 00:05(отредактировано)


Why did the other 50 reply's get archived? was is to hide the growing number of complaints?

Anyway to offer a constructive solution to the Attack/ defense points saga, why not just have points for kills defense or attack. if your good at defending you will score well. If your good at attacking you will score well. it would bring some equitable balance to this problem.

To keep to 7 task you could then split hunting invaders and ghost into separate tasks as this would help even the requirement for hero and Shaman energy. you may also like to reintroduce CvC winning Skins this too seems to be a bone of contention for all players.

Perhaps you could  consider this.

Have a good day.

17 нояб. 2019, 02:3217.11.19
This would be a problem  where  the clan hasn't got shaman.
17 нояб. 2019, 14:5317.11.19

xyz said:

This would be a problem  where  the clan hasn't got shaman.

I would have thought any player/Clan with 5m points to participate in CvC would have a basic shaman at least so even a small player/Clan could participate even at that small level. so it would still be fair for them as well.
Would be an incentive to get one anyway for the small guys to help them grow and participate.

17 нояб. 2019, 16:4617.11.19

Just because there is an incentive to get something doesn't mean you can get it.or have it already.  

It is possible to be in the CvC where you are small in numbers or a single player and don't have a shaman,you have to prioritise what to spent resources on, some may consider other things more important than a shaman, besides it would be a sudden change  not something like, we are going to introduce this later,so make sure you are eligible.

There is a post on here about a  clan that is in their first CvC and drawn against a clan with massive superiority over them.

They didn't mention shaman , but I would suggest  that this clan would be at a serious disadvantage against this old clan with high level of legendary  equipped hero and most likely shaman too.