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Digest: useful tables and guides

Digest: useful tables and guides

30 авг. 2019, 15:1530.08.19

Digest: useful tables and guides

Friends! We've been regularly posting various tables and guides about Vikings: War of Clans.

All useful information about the game can be found in the Game Database section. In the Index navigation topic, you can view tables of Invaders' and Uber Invaders' materials, as well as tables of rune fragments dropped by Ghosts. Additionally, here you can find links to personal indexes of Invaders and Ghosts, and other important data.

Some more popular topics from the Game Database section:

As we release updates, we try to post as much useful information as we can about new developments in Vikings: War of Clans. This month we gave you the following tables and guides:

We want to post information that will be the most useful for you. Share the topics you would like to see tables and guides for, and don't hesitate to leave your suggestions and comments under posts. We would really appreciate your feedback and will take it into consideration for future offerings.

1 сент. 2019, 03:3401.09.19
What is the best ratio of offense vs defense with your runes. Is it 4 coins and 2 runes per hero and shaman?
1 сент. 2019, 13:1901.09.19
1 сент. 2019, 13:59(отредактировано)

Your question may be over looked here because the admin started the post, and its not really about what you want to know.

You may have better luck if you repost in the section "General questions about the game".

First I am not sure why you want to do as you wrote,but you are free to use any desired strategy.

Its true that what you call coins give the best offense,the other types give either two or three other bonuses, including both offense and defense.

You are asking in general,rather than specific terms.

What is your defintion of best ratio?

In simple terms

6 0 gives only offense,

5 1 is better ?than your suggested 4 2.

3 3 is equal.

And so on.

Its a matter of opinion what is best, and it will depend on what the oppostion has done.

You can get all kinds of variability depending on  the hero, what equipment is used,which shaman and how far advanced it is, skills distribution, and where the players are gamewise(knowledge).