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Vikings: War of Clans unites! A meeting in the city on the Neva River.

Vikings: War of Clans unites! A meeting in the city on the Neva River.

23 янв. 2018, 13:5223.01.18

Vikings: War of Clans unites! A meeting in the city on the Neva River.

Warriors, we'd like to share with you the story of the ФЕНИКС (PHOENIX) Clan from the 7th Kingdom. Oksana, a member of the alliance, told us about their friendly get-togethers.

"Hello! Our Kingdom is old, but ФЕНИКС (PHOENIX) isn’t even a year old yet. We wanted to unite all Russian-speaking players in one Clan for a long time, but no one managed to do it. However, the stars aligned, one alliance fell apart, another one wasn’t doing great, so we again came up with the idea to create a strong Clan, and we were able to breathe life into it! 

I must admit, there were serious differences between members when we formed the Clan: it’s not an easy task to unite people who have been enemies for a long time. We had to forget our old grudges and make a fresh start. The Clan council was formed of the Jarls who were able to represent the interests of everyone, which is exactly what was required to create a successful and strong alliance. 

We discussed everything: should we create the Clan from scratch or on the basis of another one, should there be a ready-made Stronghold or not; we argued about every single minor point: our name, our Shield, our motto, our rules. There are players from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova in our union now. Yes, we are very different, but we’re together! 

Sometime later, we decided to meet up in St. Petersburg. It was our first meeting as this group. The initiator was a “pyromaniac craving to burn everyone” who came from Moscow for the New Year festivities. As you can see in the picture, there are more beautiful shieldmaidens in Petersburg, but the Clan mostly consists of men.

The meeting was arranged in literally half an hour, we managed to select an optimal time and place. Yes, it was a challenge to gather everyone together, because everyone lives in their own rhythm, doing their own thing. We needed a solid reason to get together, and our Moscow friend's visit was it. 

The meeting was awesome! See, we’ve known each other for a long time, but it was the first time we actually saw each other. We talked about the game and life, laughed and joked a lot. If anyone is unsure whether they can come or not, just organize the whole thing and name the time and place. Nothing beats talking face to face! 

Of course, this brought us closer together. Everyone who met up shared their impressions with clansmen who were happy for us. In the future, we’re planning to have an even bigger meet-up. We hope our plans work out!" 

Jarls, have you ever met your clansmen?

13 фев. 2018, 13:4213.02.18
That sounds like fun ... I haven't YET met any of my clan members but have met one person from the Kingdom who lives in Italy, I live in Belgium and we were visiting Italy this past summer so my husband and I went to dinner with him.  Also I have set up to meet another person in the Kingdom from a third clan but we had to cancel that although we will meet up some day since the person lives in Holland and is only a few hours away.  I've been invited to meet up with other people (someone from my clan also) when I am in their area.  Since my husband and I like to travel I plan on doing as many visits as I can. 
14 фев. 2018, 08:1814.02.18

It is great that you strive to meet all the members of the clan! Travels is one of best pastime in the entire world)