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Interview with Warlord of the top Clan in Rityarn

Interview with Warlord of the top Clan in Rityarn

18 нояб. 2017, 13:4518.11.17

Interview with Warlord of the top Clan in Rityarn

Rulers of the North, today we present an interview with BALAR from the 51th Kingdom Rityarn. He believes that Chiefs and Elders should have good communication skills. Let’s find out more!

V — Vikings: War of Clans


V.: Tell us the story behind your nickname.

B.: My name in real life is Vishal Balar and my game name is BALAR (Which means Power, Rule).

V.: How long have you been playing Vikings: War of Clans and which roles have you already tried? Chief, Elder, bank, farm, diplomat or attacker?

B.: I have been playing Vikings since 7.11.2015. I have played all the roles: Chief, Elder, Warlord, bank, farmer, diplomat, attacker and defender as well. My current status is Warlord of the top Clan in Rityarn, but I discuss most matters with other players more than Elders do.

V.: Which role did you like the most and why?

B.: I like the Warlord title because it helps in battle. Most players ignore Warlords in a long clansmen list, and you can get dropped out of an enemy's contact list. I don't feel bad about any titles except Ranker (because you can't see the online players list in your Clan with a green dot) if other players respect your words.

V.: Describe your strategy for developing a young Clan.

B.: A young Clan in an old Kingdom is strictly prohibited as the new Stronghold setup and all needs so many resources and boosts. But for a new Kingdom, it’s better to create only a few Clans and work together to save resources. If there are different Clans, all Clans should work on a separate element in the Stronghold and switch Clan whenever you need to craft that material. It will save time and players can complete each item of their gear quickly.

V.: What qualities are necessary for the Chief/Elder?

B.: The most necessary thing for the Chief and the Elders is communication skills. All other things depend on that. No matter if you are big or small, if you have proper knowledge of the game and are able to guide your team, you are a real Viking.

V.: Have you met your clansmen IRL? If yes, how did it go?

B.: I have never met any clansmen in real life, but some players and I promised to each other that we will surely meet each other in real life before we die.

V.: Have you ever completely changed the configuration of resource and administrative buildings in your Town? If yes, what was the goal?

B.: Oh yes, just 5 days ago I totally changed one of my accounts and replaced it with a Food account with 21M Food/hour production. Because it was my main account with mixed buildings and I didn't have any separate account for Food, so I felt that it was needed.

V.: What is the most memorable global Competition you've taken part in? What made it special?

B.: It was not a global Competition but the 1st anniversary of Rityarn when we planned to draw a "51" pattern in the Forest and involved all dedicated players there, and the same was posted on Facebook that time.

V.: What is the secret to a strong Clan?

B.: Time has changed. The game and the strategy have also changed. So the Clan who has players with different types of single army, with the best Knowledge and a good Onslaught size can win. Having a group on social media plays an important role for a strong Clan.

V.: Thank you for your answers. It has been very interesting talking to you.

Vikings, can you share the successes of your friends and their life events? We're waiting for your stories!

28 нояб. 2017, 05:4928.11.17
I am tottaly agree with all that he said. You are a good viking Balar
28 нояб. 2017, 07:3928.11.17

Thx for new interview. Like it!