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Interview with top-5 Influence player Les Gaulois

Interview with top-5 Influence player Les Gaulois

25 окт. 2017, 14:0425.10.17

Interview with top-5 Influence player Les Gaulois

Jarls, read a new interview with one of the best warriors of the past week in the Influence category! Les Gaulois, a veteran from the 1st Kingdom, told us which super ability he would like to have and which Hero Sets every Viking should have.

Name: Les Gaulois

Age: 38

Location: Canada

Clan: K1EAD

Kingdom: Wallia (Kingdom 1)

Total time in the game: Since the beginning of Vikings: War of Clans — online 27w

Enemy warriors destroyed: 259,435,460

What you're proud of: My Clan

Super ability (you would like to have/already have): Jumping from Kingdom to Kingdom anytime.

Hobbies: Wing Chun Kung Fu, reading and of course gaming

Likes: Clans Battle

Dislikes: Clans Battle

Favorite song: Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston — My Own Hymn

V.: Did you create the Clan from a scratch or did you join an existing one? What have you done for its prosperity?

L.: The Clan was made after the original broke down due to an internal dispute. Since then the Clan has remained solid with its core members. As a group of players, we have helped fellow Clan members grow and help them in understanding the mechanics of the game.

V.: Have you ever been expelled from a Clan? If yes, why?


V.: What should Hero Sets be designed for?

L.: My Hero Sets are set up as follows:

- Espionage

- Learning

- Building

- Offense

- Defense

- Invaders

It makes a lot of sense to have various ones set up to quickly change in the event of a drop bubble or counter-attacking an opponent.

Jarls, which Sets do you have saved? Share screenshots of the Hero Sets tab in the Hero's Abode!