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Interview with -KALI-

Interview with -KALI-

6 июль 2017, 14:3106.07.17

Interview with -KALI-

Fearless warriors!

In today’s interview we will talk about the burdens of being Chief, which is something that the shieldmaiden -KALI- from the 102th Kingdom Hyseborg knows a great deal about.

V — Vikings: War of Clans

K — -KALI-

V.: Hello! Thank you for agreeing to answer our tricky questions.

K.: Of course, I'm happy to do it.

V.: How should we address you? Is -KALI- your real name?

K.: Kali is fine, but it is just a game name. My real name is Nadalee.

V.: We would like to know how you got involved in Vikings: War of Clans. How and when did you find the game?

K.: I actually started the game on my birthday (March 3) last year. I found the game through a Facebook ad and thought it looked interesting, lol.

V.: You are the Chief of one of the mightiest unions in the game. -WICKED ONES- has been in the top Clans ranking for a while. Does this influence your military strategy?

K.: We have found it slightly more difficult to face opponents in the Clans Battle head on because everyone just sets traps and sits still. But this has made doing Onslaughts much easier as we have so many people from different time zones who are ready to fight all the time.

V.: We are very interested in your progress up the “corporate ladder”: how did you become the Chief? Did you create the Clan by yourself or did you join an existing one?

K.: Throughout my time in the game, I have been Chief of a small starter Clan, and then Elder of the largest Clan in Kingdom 102 at the time. I made many friends from all over Kingdom 102 and a few of us came together to create a Clan of friends and family (Beast of the beauty, Fire Fist Loki, Fkoki and I were the founders).

V.: How do your clansmen respond to the fact that they are being led by a female player?

K.: I actually asked them all these questions and their reactions were quite funny. As if they had to walk in high heels, lol. But I love them all! They are a true family to me! I think they feel the same, or I hope they do. Lol.

V.: Do you think there are similarities between being Clan Chief and being a senior manager in the real world?

K.: I believe that, so yes, I have been a manager of a few stores in my life and the best thing you can do is to trust in your elders and delegate. The best part of our Clan though is that we have 5 Chiefs that coordinate and manage the Clan, and they are amazing.

V.: Have you ever unmasked spies who infiltrated your Clan? Or are such things unavoidable in your view?

K.: I do not believe that we have ever had a spy in our Clan, because when we created it, the game had been going on for quite a while so everyone in the Kingdom knew each other already. We have been lucky in that respect. But even if we did, there's not much they can gain that in my eyes would hurt us. We play to have fun! And so we do.

V.: Is it hard to be the Chief? What do you work hardest at? Does your experience in the game help you in real life? You are essentially managing people, organizing processes, and developing strategies — these are invaluable skills!

K.: I love being Chief of DIE, my Clan members are so fun to be around. We always support and look out for each other no matter what. In real life I manage two small kids, lol. So I think I am fully prepared to handle it all.

As far as strategies go, we actually have a group that just discusses those types of things and they are invaluable to me!

V.: Considering the fact that the Chief position requires constant presence in the game, how much time do you spend in Vikings: War of Clans every day?

K.: That's a tough one actually, I spend much more time in the game when events are going on or upgrade days are happening.

V.: Have you ever had to expel players from the Clan? Was it difficult to do it?

K.: I believe we have only had to expel a couple of people and for the most part it's because they just stopped playing the game, got too busy in real life to play. But we actually have a second Clan — our Russian friends SNDie. :) For anyone that feels they need to be in a smaller Clan.

V.: Do you believe it’s possible to be successful in the game without joining a Clan? Is it possible for a lone wolf to become the menace of the North?

K.: I don't believe so, just for the fact that you need a Clan to participate in many of the events, not only that but how is a social game where you learn to work together and follow up traps and strategies without anyone else a good way to play...

V.: Are there any conflicts in-WICKED ONES-? Can you remember a time when you had to mediate a dispute within the Clan?

K.: There have been some disputes here and there, but DIE is a Clan of many nationalities and languages so a lot of the time it's just a miscommunication and is easily sorted out.

V.: Are you currently at war with another Clan? What did they do to provoke you?

K.: Lol, I think being a large Clan makes you a target 95% of the time. To answer your question though, yes we are... he is..BUB..he is set on destroying Kingdoms and we quite frankly won't back down!

V.: Have your clansmen ever started a riot? Or attempted a rebellion? If yes, please tell us how you managed to resolve the situation.

K.: We have always been a Clan focused on growing our Kingdom and helping small players and the smaller Clans. We don't like to see chaos in the Kingdom because of one person and one Clan. So we hope this ends eventually, but either way we will keep pushing!

V.: Thank you for your answers. Finally, please share some advice or thoughts for the Vikings: War of Clans players.

K.: For everyone that plays this game: please keep in mind that there is a human being on the other end of the line. I do have many issues with harassment and I believe women in the game should be respected more...my clan mates have been my support through any and all of it though. So find a good Clan where they feel like family to you and you'll really enjoy the game no matter what is happening.

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6 июль 2017, 20:0806.07.17

Two sides to every story 😉 Congrats 

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7 июль 2017, 10:1807.07.17

Great interview! And @ Gremlin^^^, what Kali says is true! Stop being his puppet! 😂😂😂

8 июль 2017, 15:5008.07.17
When have you known me to be anyone's puppet😂😂😂, I came I saw, and sheilds are a dropping gremlin is a knocking 😂😂😂
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How many money for free game?
26 июль 2017, 11:3226.07.17

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26 нояб. 2017, 00:2926.11.17
Great to hear a Lady Chief , such as myself, has the same outlook and challenges as I do. Great job! Shyde ShyShanks 416
1 янв. 2018, 21:1501.01.18
First off, none of the Jarl's stories will open.  My question is about the battlefield.  The information about it is completely missing.  How does Plarium calculate who wins and Who loses?  There must be some formula that is used to calculate it.  I have asked the top players in my realm, none have a definitive answer.  From all appearances the attack is a rock/paper/scissors.  I know this isn't true but with out any explanation, I am guessing what to send on an attack.  The battlefield must be more complicated than that.  This has left me to only attack weaker players.
12 янв. 2018, 03:5912.01.18
OMG Kali you are so beautiful and smart. Will you please marry me!!
15 янв. 2018, 09:3615.01.18

Yeah. She's beautiful

20 янв. 2018, 23:5820.01.18
I enjoyed much to read this interview, so thank you Plarium and Kali. My experience has been almost the same but it's nice to see it from a different side of view.   
26 июль 2022, 09:1426.07.22