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Interview with Leomas133

Interview with Leomas133

24 июнь 2017, 13:0024.06.17

Interview with Leomas133

Mighty Vikings, today we will tell you about KITH REBORN Clan from 92nd Kingdom! Recently the members of this close-knit alliance traveled from all over Germany to spend five days together! The Chief of the KITH REBORN, Leomas133, shared the details of this meeting.

Q: Hello! Thank you for agreeing to participate in this interview. How should we address you? It’s a fact that, for many people, Vikings: War of Clans is more than just an online strategy game. It's a place where players get to know each other and even find good friends. Do you agree? Why do you like Vikings: War of Clans?

A: Hi! My name is Dennis. I'm the leader of Clan KITHR from Kingdom 92. I absolutely agree that after such long time we are still playing with real life friends now...My Elders and me have a call every day.

Q: Is “KITH REBORN” your first Clan or have you been a member of other alliances before?

A: Yes and no... KITHR is the second Clan... There was my Clan KITH before, but we set new and harder rules for members so we did a restart... and KITH REBORN was the result.

Q: Who was the initiator of the clansmen meet-up? Did you have previous experience of this?

A: We were all together in a Chat program and the topic came up, so we discussed it together and worked it out. Yes, I have experience with clan and guild meet-ups from other MMORPGs I've played before.

Q: Was it difficult to organize a meet-up? What were the main difficulties?

A: I would say the most difficult part of organizing was fixing a date when the most people in Germany had time to meet up.

Q: Judging by the photos from your meet-up, you have a very diverse team. Was it easy to find common talking points or did you mostly discuss the game?

A: It was easy to find common topics of discussion. At that meeting, 3 Elders joined us and we always talk about common or private things there... But we started playing together in KITH on February 1, 2016, so we have been together a long time now.

Q: Would it be interesting for you to meet up with your main rivals as well as your clansmen? What would you say to them if you met?

A: Interesting question... In 92nd Kingdom, we are in a big alliance with the Clan UTRAS — it's an English-speaking Clan with players all over the world. I found good friends there like Bloodsheaker, and I am really thinking about visiting him once. But also... in September I'm going on a vacation and I'll visit one of my worst enemies. I'll have a beer with them, grab their phone and throw it in the ocean ^^ No, just kidding... We are adults and things happen in-game, not out of the game.

Q: Would you like to organize meet-ups with your clansmen and hang out together regularly?

A: Oh, atm I'm planning a regular meeting for Vikings players in Munich. But I'm also otw to planning a Big Vikings Meeting for family, friends and enemies.

Q: What activities did you do? What gladdens the heart of a true Viking? Did you hunt a boar?

A: We stayed on the beach together but mostly we used that time to play Vikings: War of Clans and to talk about it.

Q: Are there Jarls you still communicate with, even though they had to leave the game for one reason or another?

A: Yeah there are a few... Most Vikings players use Line chat and after some of them leave the game, they are still on there and I'm still in contact with them.

Q: In your opinion, what is the secret to a truly friendly and cohesive team in the game?

A: Be loyal... Sometimes take a deep breath... You got zeroed? It's not the end of the world... Come back, do better, be harder to kill in the future. As a leader: always think about your players... They follow you because it's you who they trust and believe in... Watch your ego, the Clan is always number 1!

Q: Thank you so much for your answers, we hope your Clan meets up many more times in the future!

A: Thanks a lot for the chance to do this interview with Plarium. And Jarls out there... Be careful — 92nd Kingdom will get you in the Kingdoms Battle^^

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13 фев. 2018, 15:1213.02.18
I think I must have missed this interview or I just don't remember ... nice to see more players meeting up in real life.  I live in Belgium ... maybe if you have a big get together not during the winter I can drop by ... but I don't speak german ... lol