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A love story that started during the Kingdoms Battle

A love story that started during the Kingdoms Battle

19 июль 2019, 14:3919.07.19

A love story that started during the Kingdoms Battle

Is it possible to meet your true love in the game? The heroine of our interview says yes!

She is from England, he is from France, there are hundreds of kilometers between them, and they are enemies in the Kingdoms Battle. But one moment became the beginning of a beautiful love story. What was it? Hurry and read our interview with the beautiful Queen Sureño. 

V — Vikings: War of Clans  

Q — Queen Sureño 

V.: Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do? 

Q.: Hello and thanks for asking for an interview, it's nice to tell our story. So I am from England and I am a mum to 4 beautiful children. 

V.: How did you discover Vikings: War of Clans? Have you been playing for a long time? 

Q.: I started to play Vikings after a pop-up ad took me to the game. My Kingdom was Kingdom 20 and my name was Queen Essex. I became the leader of a good Clan – Toxic killers Klsr, but ended up merging into another Clan, Nasty Nation. I started to play around October 2015. 

V.: Tell us how you met your partner. How did he win your heart? Surely with an epic Onslaught? ;) 

Q.: We were playing against Kingdom 11 in the KvK event and I got a mail from a player called Sureño asking me why my name was Queen Nasty, and I replied because my Clan is called Nasty. He said that it was not a very nice name. I explained that it was for the KvK event and that I always changed names. That was it for a few hours, then I was talking on my Kingdom Chat with a few members and one player called HQ was being very rude and saying some not-so-nice things to me and Wicked princess, my bestie in game. And then Sureño added a comment that HQ should not talk to a woman in such a way, that it was rude, and warned HQ that if he carried on talking to a woman so offensively, he would attack him. At that point, HQ carried on being rude, so Sureño set an Onslaught on him, but HQ relocated to Kingdom 11 and was hitting dead Towns, trying to make himself a target. Sureño waited and when he returned to his spot in Kingdom 20, Sureño sent an Onslaught and defeated HQ. And he then wrote to me and said in a personal message that it was for me, and that HQ should never talk to a woman like that. 

V.: How quickly did you realize that this was something more than just an online acquaintance? 

Q.: We carried on talking about life and chit chat from then onwards. That was the 1st part of me seeing this man as a nice respectable man. 

In the beginning, we talked just a few times a day because of work and family, but this became more after about 5 weeks. We decided to talk on the phone, and that was heart racing to see if we could understand each other as I'm English and Sureño is French, from Marseilles. We understood each other fine, then we started to FaceTime. 

Things were getting hard as feelings were very involved at this point. I had started a little account in Kingdom 11 to be with him and lost interest in my Kingdom 20 account. So I could play and feel closer to him it got to the point where we needed to meet to be sure it was not just lust, but love and how we really felt. 

V.: How did your first meeting take place? Was it exciting? 

Q.: We had started to talk in September 2016 and on 27th May 2017 we arranged for Sureño to come meet me in England. It was very heart racing and exciting as well. I was nervous as in person I wanted to see him and just touch this person I talked to morning, noon, and night. By this time I was in love with him and we had never even met, so I had to pick him up at the airport as he was coming from Marseilles. I saw him coming out the doors and I came up behind him putting my hands over his eyes then said "Hi". He turned and grabbed me hard and cuddled me. I felt a lump in my throat like I wanted to cry. It was emotional. 

He had booked to come for 3 days but ended up staying for 5 as we really were not ready to say goodbye again. Then he returned almost every month if not more. I also went to France to meet his family. 

Then we made a decision. In August we need to take the next step and be with each other as the distance had started to become hard. The game was hard for us as we missed each other so much, too. 

So Sureño moved to England in October 2017 with me. It was wonderful. But the game was hard as Kingdom 11 was angry with us for taking time out to start a life together. We stopped playing as we were just so wrapped up in each other that we lost time to play. Then we had a surprise. I was pregnant. We were having a baby. It was wonderful news, we were all so happy. 

Then we were sitting there and started talking about how we met and the game. We decided to start up again – new game, new account, new Kingdom – we did everything together from the very beginning. We started a Clan in Kingdom 598 and called it Sureño family SuD. My name is Queen Sureño13 and my partner is Roi Sureño. Since then the players from Kingdom 11 and Kingdom 20 joined us so we also got back the old friends we lost but never forgot. 

Then on 6th June, 2018 we had our son Lucas. He was our Viking baby. He is here because we met, we played, we loved.

V.: Do you think it's possible to know what kind of person someone is offline based on their in-game behavior? 

Q.: I think if you get to know someone online, it's harder as there's always that distance. But if your heart feels it, then follow it. 

V.: Is it possible to woo a romantic partner in the game? Do you have any ideas? 

Q.: I think if you want to find love in the game, don't look for it. If it's supposed to be, then it will happen, like it did for us. If you like someone in game, then tell them. 

V.: Please give us a piece of advice on how to make the first move if you like somebody in the game. 

Q.: I will say that others get very jealous when you start relationships in game even to point where my Kingdom 20 and Sureño's Kingdom 11 did try to break our relationship up as part of their game tactics, so be aware of this – it's not easy to love online.

23 июль 2019, 21:3923.07.19
Me and my fiancé met over this game as well we randomly joined the same clan and hit it off, I moved from Michigan, USA to Oklahoma, USA to be with her and we now have a 2 month old and still play vikings! 
25 июль 2019, 11:5125.07.19
Congrats guys.
25 июль 2019, 13:4825.07.19

TCAVED90, it's great to hear that our game lets people meet each other and make a real relationship. We are sincerely happy for you! Wish you all the best!

25 июль 2019, 23:5325.07.19


Just wow.

I tend to always assume the worst about clientele here, but thanks for proving me wrong.

Bread that Cat

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26 июль 2019, 07:2626.07.19
26 июль 2019, 07:30(отредактировано)
A truly wonderful thing happen,in a KVK months ago! I saw this awesome player literally take the game to a new level ! Literally, I watched how she played and she inspired me so much that I ask her some questions,because I loved my other clan, but I just wasn't growing.So,I asked this awesome player',Rook if I could join their clan." Little did they know", I was battling ♋ cancer,and Thur this horrible time in my life,I became really close to Alot of the players as they taught me things  in growing and to developing me into  the warrior I am today.As my fight led me to the hospital where I had to have radiation and lots of treatments and was horrified after so many surgeries!But they fought for me to pull Thur this battle of a journey and finally going under the knife on the 19th to wake up and hear that I was finally 'cancer free!! They treated me like apart of something so much bigger than just this game that we love to play ,but treated  me with such love and  caring and understanding! They all prayed ,and stayed in touch with me thur all of this,and still  they stand proudly beside me,cancer free,learning that life is so precious and worth fighting for every single day!😢 This is my love story of a mighty clan family that always pulls each other along with support and kindred spirits and the strongest Unity ever.. I am so greatful for all my clansmen. HolyCatfish you should see them fight!! They are  truly amazing to watch,with their stealth and strategy's.  It will truly amaze you,with there  skill,and determination to tackle the biggest to the smallest obsticals ,and that is what makes this clan so beautiful.. How they come together in game and soul. They are my clan,and my second family . I love that I am such a part of their lives. I got one on one time with a special clansmen on the phone for hours,taking her time to walk me Thur things ,step by step ...That I didn't understand 😗and how also to develop my hero and have fun playing it. All of them have coached me along with me being so sick some days,but they kept me foused on the game,and kept my mind on positive goals! Always putting a smile on my face.,giving me hope and inspiration...I am in love with my clan.I adore each and every one of my clansmen. The One and Only "DraconicHellFire" Sincerely,Tuli   
26 июль 2019, 10:1626.07.19
yes it is possible, because i have already get friend oversees. games are also a way og getting friend form all over the world, regardless of their nature or countries. that is why i prefer online games with other real players
29 июль 2019, 02:5529.07.19
Kruthopilis1974 said:


29 июль 2019, 03:0629.07.19
My second family is my clan.!I battled ♋ cancer for the second time, ?'This occasion", it appeared in my throat  I was very hopeful that the surgery would go good!! My clan helped me to keep mind  foused on the positive and we fought hard and played hard. I went in on August the 19th with my 2 families by my side the whole intire 7 days I was in the hospital. I got to finally come home to both of my families with the best ❤️ happiness feeling ever!!! I was finally cancer 😭 free. I had to have Alot of my throat cut on and things took out,but my clan stuffed  it back together with their prayers and love for me as a warrior to pull Thur.So we won THE BATTLE OF LIFE AND IN OUR GAME MODE 💪 we fight together 💯🙏 win together,and care together.That is why this is a LOVE STORY. Of my wonderful clan.
29 июль 2019, 07:5629.07.19

TRULY TULI, your story is amazing! We are deeply moved by your words. We wish you the best and hope that you and your Clan will have lots of good memories to share.

30 июль 2019, 16:4430.07.19

Awww  you two are a beautiful couple, Many years of happiness to you both 

Myself met my Soul mate in another MMO game similar to this one, we have been together now ten years

21 дек. 2019, 00:2621.12.19
Thank u very much...
13 дек. 2020, 19:3013.12.20

She was Queen of Torkhalla #9 Kingdom,Bea former Clan schief... she was good person,good player.She was my mentor.

 And she left the game.I will never forget you Elisabeth...