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How can players who won't spend money ever compete?

How can players who won't spend money ever compete?

28 май 2019, 22:5828.05.19

How can players who won't spend money ever compete?

How can players who won't spend money ever compete?

I've been playing the game for nearly 900 days or 22 weeks game time. I'm only just getting my hero to level 60 and my Shamans are still on the second stage.

Last week I looked at the player who was top rated influence but only had 4 weeks game time.  

They have never lost a battle and trained 7B troops.

I know it is all within the gameplay but players who won't spend money will always get left behind when updates come and bring new levels and equipment.

As any player or clan can attack another new players must be asking why start in the first place.

Something must be done. Even if it is that players can only attack towns the same level of them or higher.

I'm quitting the same but I don't like the thought of new players getting wiped out.

14 июнь 2019, 11:4314.06.19
14 июнь 2019, 11:43(отредактировано)

It's getting too expensive. I can almost swear it's Plarium creating these bully clans, attacking everyone and destroying everything they just got finished paying to create...to force the player to have to spend more money to recreate everything again.....just to have it destroyed again.

I don't understand, just how much money are we expected to spend on this game? It's like they expect us to dump money into the game on a daily basis ...and even that's not enough for them.

I keep playing cause I've invested too much money to just quit. But I keep seeing them making everything more and more expensive. 

I need to find a new game. This is getting to be way too much.

11 июль 2019, 21:1311.07.19
How can I decide if I like this game if I do not spend money? I do not see how I  an follow the Clan guidelines without sc spenging money.
1 май 2023, 16:0501.05.23

there is no other way, money in the game decides a lot.

20 май 2023, 01:3320.05.23

This game takes no skill nor strat to play, it's 100% pay to win. the deepest wallets win, end of story

28 июнь 2023, 07:1628.06.23

there is nothing more depressing or tiresome than a small clan starts a siege these so called bully boys lvl 40 all the gear gems the whole kit and sundry decide its fun to hit your siege you ask why they hit your siege and get all kinds of smart alec replies because we can , wow thats great us small clans dont stand a chance when it happens makes my blood boil surely this is so unfair when just one player wipes out the entire clans troops for as they put it WE CAN way to go bully boys way to go