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True Northern Vikings is recruiting!

True Northern Vikings is recruiting!

5 июнь 2017, 18:1205.06.17

True Northern Vikings is recruiting!

Hello, Vikings players! 

We are a fairly new clan, halfway there with our stronghold, and have a great bond between our members.

Many of the people in our clan don't care much for a particular set of rules, but we enjoy spending time in the game, as well as helping each other with whatever we possibly can. The most important thing in our clan is the companionship, and doing what it takes to compete in the daily events, on a level that ensures our victory, as well as having fun together.

The clan is open for both long time players, as well as recently started players who could use a hand in whatever it could be. We as a clan is happy to support anyone with anything they need, whether it being resources or just general tips and tricks to help you become a better player.  

The name of the clan is "True Northern Vikings"  and the clan tag is "tnv98"  the primary reason of that is that we're primarily Danish people, as well as a few Englishmen, the primary language in the clan chat is English, so your origin don't matter, as long as you wanna come have fun with us.  

We also have a bank in the clan, so if you're out of shield for a while or anything, you can feel free to store troops in safety there at any time.

If you want to check us out you can find us Kingdom 98.

The leader of the clan is Post Man, and my name is Zilex315

I hope to hear more from you, whether is being in game or here :-) Happy Hunting ya'll