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We are recruiting all types of players.

We are recruiting all types of players.

16 май 2017, 02:1416.05.17

We are recruiting all types of players.

Hi there, we are the JARN SKULIDAD Clan ranked in top 15 in KYATTIBEYR KINGDOM #337 out of thousands. 

**Non buyers and buyers welcomed. We have both. 

**All languages welcomed. We have English, Русский and Español in our clan now. Chief speaks all 3.

**Our clan is undefeated in CvC and we have NAPs with bigger clans. 

**After a KvK there's a 48hrs kingdom wide peace to yield Gold of God's. Our kingdom is primarily peaceful, concentrating on CvC, KvK and KvKr. 

**We have enough rss to help you progress. 

***You are NOT to small or new to join us. 

***We will remain open admin for 5days, then close again. 

***Any questions will be answered ASAP, we are in a clan war right now, so my attention will be on the game, but I will check in nightly.

Thank you for your interest and good luck with whatever you choose my Viking brothers and sisters. Skol!!!