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You can obtain materials to make pieces of equipment for the hero in the forge building. There are two types of materials : standard materials can be obtained in different ways and are used to make standard hero equipment, while invader's materials used to forge invader's equipment can only be found fighting invaders or looting invader's lairs.


Material quality

Materials can be of different quality level :

Simple materials are the lowest quality materials and appear on the screen as grey. 4 simple materials can be fused to make one usual material;

Usual materials are quality level 2 materials and appear on the screen as white. 4 usual materials can be fused to make one unusual material;

Unusual materials are quality level 3 materials and appear on the screen as green. 4 unusual materials can be fused to make one rare material;

Rare materials are quality level 4 materials and appear on the screen as blue. 4 rare materials can be fused to make one epic material;

Epic materials are quality level 5 materials and appear on the screen as violet. 4 epic materials can be fused to make one legendary material;

Legendary materials are the highest quality materials and appear on the screen as yellow. They can't be fused anymore and should be used to forge the best equipment available for the hero.

Higher quality materials grant the possibility to forge equipment with stronger abilities. For example, one Elixir used on 40+ level equipment grants the following bonuses to food production : 20% (simple), 40% (usual), 60% (unusual), 80% (rare), 100% (epic), 150% (legendary).

It is noted that while the equipment bonuses grows regularly from simple to epic qualities of materials, the bonus gap to abilities can be much higher between epic and legendary materials, encouraging players to fuse materials up to the highest quality.

Ways to obtain materials

You can obtain materials in different ways :

Complete personal, clan or premium tasks. The quality of the material cannot be higher than the level of the completed task (for example, you can get simple, usual or unusual material by completing a unusual task).

Gather resources at a resource point. The probability to get quality materials goes higher with the amount of resources gathered and the level of the resource point. It is possible to get all qualities of material from simple to legendary.

Hit or kill invaders. Each hit on an invader generates one item which can be a standard or invader specific material. Invader kills generate a random number of items, up to 9, which can include one or more materials. Level 1 only generate simple materials, while you can get up to legendary materials at level 6 invaders. Two criteria must be met to get materials better than simple quality : the level of you hero's sustained attack (high quality materials are obtained when you reach 300% sustained attack and more) and critical chance (you get much higher quality materials with crits).

Open equipment coffers. The quality of the material that can be obtained depends on the type of coffer. Coffers can be purchased for gold, only the coffer of usual materials can be obtained at the cost of 6000 loyalty points at the Clan Store.

Gather resources at invader's lair. The probability to get quality invader's materials goes higher with the amount of resources gathered and the level of the invader's lair.

List of standard materials

Each equipment piece is made of 2, 3 or 4 materials, each material adding its own bonus to the resulting forged equipment. Only three same materials can be used in the forging process, the fourth being a different one.

The granted bonus to the abilities grow higher with the level of material used as well as the level of equipment, encouraging players to forge the highest level possible of pieces of equipment. The table below describes the bonus granted by each type of material during the forging process.

Material Bonus Can be found on Can be used for Maximum bonus*

Cotton Total Health Farmlands, silver altar Any equipment 12%

Debris Building speed Lumberjack's shed, silver altar Weapon, boots, amulets 18%

Diamond Learning Speed Iron Deposits, silver altar Any equipment 18%

Elixir Food production Farmlands Any equipment 180%

Feather Troop Capacity Farmlands, Lumberjack's shed Any equipment 36%

Glass Silver Production Silver altar, Hewers' Camp Any equipment 90%

Granite Siege Offense Hewers' Camp Any equipment 12%

Hide Cavalry Offense Lumberjack's shed, silver altar Any equipment 12%

Lead Killer Offense Iron Deposits Any equipment 12%

Leather Total Defense Farmlands, Hewers' Camp Any equipment 12%

Rope Range Offense Farmlands Any equipment 12%

Steel Melee Offense Iron Deposits Any equipment 12%

* Maximum bonus obtained with one legendary material for highest possible level of equipment.

List of invader's materials

Ancient Stone – Barbarian

Armor Elements - Royal Guardsman

Arrow Shaft – Khazar

Arrow Splinters – Hun

Bear Bones – Man-eaters

Bear Grease – Man-eaters

Boar Pile - Wild Boar

Brocade - Saracen

Broken Quiver – Hun

Bronze Bars – Centurion

Bull Sinews – Barbarian

Canis Bone – Canis

Canis Claw – Canis

Canis Fangs – Canis

Cap - Royal Guardsman

Cast Steel - Royal Guardsman

Chainmail Piece – Khazar

Clay – Celt

Cliff Rock – Cave Lion

Clover – Celt

Copper Ingot – Celt

Dog’s Bone – Hounds

Durable Leather – Cave Lion

Eastern Steel - Saracen

Enamel - Saracen

Forest Moss – Man-eaters

Forged Steel - Gascon

Fossils - Serpent

Fur Cloth – Hounds

Fur Tuft – Canis

Green Scale - Serpent

Gypsum – Centurion

Iron Awl - Gascon

Iron Chain – Barbarian

Item of Armor – Khazar

Laurel Leaves – Centurion

Leather Straps - Lynx

Leather Strips – Centurion

Linen Fabric – Centurion

Lion’s Wool – Cave Lion

Lynx Fur - Lynx

Noose - Saracen

Oak Bark – Man-eaters

Oak Handle - Lynx

Oak Planks - Wild Boar

Old Belt – Hun

Old Claw – Cave Lion

Piece of Felt – Khazar

Poisonous Teeth - Serpent

Poleaxe Blade – Celt

Raw Hide - Lynx

Raw Leather - Wild Boar

Reddish Blood - Wild Boar

Resin – Barbarian

Rivets - Royal Guardsman

Rough Blade - Lynx

Rough Bristle – Man-eaters

Rusty Spikes – Hounds

Serpent Poison - Serpent

Serpent Tongue - Serpent

Sheepskin – Barbarian

Silver Casting - Gascon

Smashed Shield – Hun

Steel Chain – Hounds

Steel Plates - Wild Boar

String – Celt

Strong Sole - Gascon

Sword Hilt - Saracen

Tendon – Canis

Thin Leather - Gascon

Torn Cloth – Hun

Tough Bowstring – Khazar

White Leather - Royal Guardsman

White Sand – Cave Lion

Worn Leather – Hounds

19 июль 2020, 21:2819.07.20

what about materials for my shamen ?  any advice/guidance on where i can get those ?

19 июль 2020, 22:0519.07.20

All that was done was collate the information that is already available in the game .

All you have to do is look at each shaman, and see what it drops, make a list,alternatively I think the organisers have done this some where in the data section here on the forum.
2 авг. 2020, 20:2002.08.20
Materials for shaman gear are the same as for hero's gear.  It is a longer process, however, as shaman's gear typically requires as much work as Special equipment for the hero (although without the need for a draft to have been studied in the Arms Guild).