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Guide to CvC and Personal Events

Guide to CvC and Personal Events

17 июнь 2021, 07:1317.06.21

Guide to CvC and Personal Events

nniCsFOor cvc you have two options

1 is to fight the enemy hard winning the catagory of battling. Let enemy onslaught your SH and wish to win. THis really base on luck so it is hard.

2is to play safe and see who i sbetter farmer and try to flank kill unshieled enemy player to win extra catagories. Also, play the SH seige quietly, like when the enemy is sleeping..

I reccommend to play safe for most times, but most of all patrolling for enemy and farmer invADER  groups should be formed and set. This ca incease the chance to wins and less loss for both.

Personal Events

1Playhard spend money and reach for all

2Play safe and grow brains( Go to check points that reaally matter and not go to the end)

If you are not rich  do the 2  and i will tell you how.

Events you should try your hardest with  some events that the outcome is amazing

1Tricks of the  GOd-it gives you insane amount of things and require less time and no money

Building events(not influenvce increasing)- They give enourmous amount of things and require more things to get and give so is pretty good 

3Perosnal checkpoints in cvc kvkr kvk they give you domain guards which will helpp you in cvc and furious hunts , big things and scores can be scored within these.

Furious treasure hunts can give you loads and require only a little so you must try that out when it comes out

All in all save your resources and economy by reaching to some that gives you more in the time limit and take what you actually need and can help you.

RUNIC Coin This event can be really good make stuff three times cheaper and 6to 3 times cheaper if you buy them with runic in the checst don't buy them solo id;51903169