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CvC Tips and Strategies for New Categories

CvC Tips and Strategies for New Categories

3 март 2020, 06:4403.03.20

CvC Tips and Strategies for New Categories

The Clan vs. Clan (CvC) Battle has changed many times. The latest update to the event added several changes that may require some team-play strategy adjusting by the clan.

Here's a brief overview of the seven (7) different categories of the Clan vs. Clan (CvC) Battle with several tips and strategies to help lead your clan to victory.

Category 1: Battles in Towns & Resource Locations

- Tip: Check player shields in your clan and your enemy clan using the "Guard Payoff" item, they are cheap and incredibly useful for finding shield drops.

- Tip: Spy tiles before attacking them. Also send some meatshield (lower tiered troops) to protect higher tier troops when tile hitting to avoid giving free & wasted points to the enemy.

Category 2: Battles in Place of Power

- If you choose to reinforce, send meatshield (lower tiered troops) to protect higher tiered troops. I recommend, depending on the size of clan, 200k-500k t1-3 by the clan's strongest players.

- Remember when defending in a Fortress, or in an Onslaught (OS), that the strongest troops fight first. First the lowest tier fights, then if numerous players are using that tiered troop, the strongest will fight before the weakest. Other factors like troop type also affect this, enemy troop types also (ie. Troop counter bonuses +/-).

Category 3: Battles in Clan Stronghold (SH)

- There are many strategies for this, and many variables that can change the strategy that your clan should use in that scenario. Here are a few strategies:

- 1. Send & Fill SH, take hit by Jotunn's Troop March and pull out. Refill when the next jotunn March gets within 1 or 1-1/2 minutes before the March lands.

- 2. Keep troops in SH the entire duration of Siege status. Again remember to send a little bit of meatshield (lower tiered troops) in with your maxxed troops for the stronger players when defending fortresses to avoid giving away free points.

- 3. Depending on the score, and if the enemy Clan did stronghold siege first, sometimes it's not beneficial to hit them, because if you lose then even if you do stronghold Siege you may still lose the category.

- Tip: In this case, hit with strong t1 troops to kill meat for more points earned than lost.

- Note: ** Stronghold (SH) Siege is highly dependent on:

1. The levels of prescious dust required to do the siege often.

2. SH Tower of Odin Level. 

Tip: Don't level this building too fast if the clan cannot handle killing larger Jotunn marches.

Category 4: Killing Enemy Warriors

- A combination of the above three (3) categories. This is a good way to "make up" for a lost category or two by excelling in points during a battle.

Category 5: Hunting Invaders and Ghosts, and Yielding Resources

- Farm and Kill Ghosts & Invaders in Enemy Kingdom (EK) for double (2x) points.

- Kill L6 Invaders & Ghosts as well as Uber Invaders Only. Lower level Invaders and ghosts have poor drop ratings, so for serious players it's only worthwhile (if being realistic timewise) to kill L6+Ubers if you're seeking materials or runes.

- Killing L6 Ghosts+Invaders and Uber Invaders give a lot of points and will help to reach personal checkpoints. Clan members should save energy and power for CvC when possible.

Category 6: Training

- Out train your opponent. This can be tough sometimes with large players training T7.

- Tip: Spread training out between getting game packs (whether few or many) and make them last so you can help your team when they need it most.

Category 7: Increasing Influence & Developing Clan Stronghold (SH)

- Earn points by completing knowledge, building in cities and SH, as well as by completing SH resource transformations.

- Clans without a Stronghold (SH) are at a huge disadvantage here, as clans can earn a lot of points in this category by boosting resources in Stronghold (SH).

- Tip: It is good to prepare the SH with resource (RSS) stores prior to the event start and plan to have members ready to boost. 


A friend of mine mentioned they were getting stuck on specific categories, so I wrote up some tips to help. 

As a general rule of thumb, in this competition it is best to not show your cards too early. Have fun, play smart and hope for the best.

Any suggestions to this post, please send a dm or reply in the thread, cheers!