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Beginers Chapter 2

Beginers Chapter 2

27 сент. 2018, 08:1027.09.18

Beginers Chapter 2

 Months ago i, Master Garr( The turks call me master in my kingdom  F:::::g hilarious))i informed you how to start your town, what to do first ,,blablabla ..So now you are 5 -10 bil inf , you spent 2-3000$ creating your town and you dont know what to learn next you spent 1000$s already your hand is already deep in the cookie jar so what next??,,Your invader  learnings are complete as i said in chapter 1 ,,Ok your hero is level 60 ,exp gear throw in garbage and get inv gear ,, easy to get , royal guardsmen??? or the 3 uber inv like i said 3 ubers plairium has one a week ,, they offer ALL INVADER MATERIALS in game with your inv gear on and the 20% boost for hero offence you apply kill ubers like crazy and 6 invaders too because they offer standard materials which ubers do not,,, Why i am saying this because YOU need the new special equipment  A MUST if you want to be strong  ,,, Scarcen gear throw away its garbage once you  start replacing with the new special gear there are 2  now  for each troop,(((Damn you plarium))), Team up with another clan from your kingdom ,, they make half you make half just a suggestion,,,Now once all 6 pieces made scarcen gear no longer needed,,,NOW lynx gear is another story if you have spies and multiple kinds of troops in town make what i call an -all troop def setup with lynx gear you  put in all 12 gears , shamen included  these gems 10% att 10% def 10 %alltroop off,,,, NOT melee or calv gems ,, use 12 all troop offgems, 12 all troop att ,12 all troop def,, So now all your troops and spies have % AGAIN THIS IS an all troop setup for defence ,,,i put skill points on spy off and health  and rest on troops ,,,Example:: your 12 gears are all melee your plundering a town for rss ,,la-te-da -Boom you get spied  guess what  all your spies dead because you had no % on your spies ,,,the 120% att 120% def120% all troop off ,, because you chose the 12% ones that work for one kind only ,, which are great but only put in your off/def hero setup ))) Your all troop defence do what i said if you like plundering towns and burning things use lynx, the all troop def,att ,off gems and any shamen gears u make will do and put the 10% gems in 6 gears you make for shamen too  thats if you want an all troop def setup,, If not disregard last 20 messages :::Hint : If you never unshield in same spot twice YOU WILL NEVER get spied,,,,, you send a test march ,, the enemy has been watching he sends spies he has a spy march 6 min to your door u have no clue ,, you open again in same spot to send your march ,, it takes only a sec ,Boom you got spied ,,Damn that guys fast you say,, Um no its opening twice in same spot he hhad march walking just waiting for you to open again ,, now if you moved after your test the 6 min spy march at you is a waste to enemy in boosts and frustration,,  ok to end the chapter here is what to do next i have alot more to add but in goodtime 

1. New gear made in sh

2.SHAMEN LEARNINGS--A MUST most important suffer through them f::k everything else,, ghosts are so much fun to kill ,,NOTTTT,,,its a nightmare,, Id rather pull my nuthairs if i got ruins from,, Get them to 9-10 the learnings and get purple, yellow ruins 

3.REPEAT::shamen learnings get ruins you get yellows you are a beast 

4: Almost Forgot   MUST GET A NEWSHAMEN TO 60  buy his charms you must get ,,,, adds huge % to reductions ,, if your enemy has and you dont have you lost,,,,

5.military learnings def-off to 15s   A Must to be strong 

6.Screw t6 learnings do none until your military, shamen, and troops 1-5 are done,, T6 are huge in rss making and learnings there and its huge points  in a loss t5 good enough till you are strong 


18 апр. 2019, 20:0118.04.19

It's a shame that plarium endorses this guy and his in game harassment. He moved to our kingdom #725 less than a month ago and has already joined and been kicked from every clan that is active. He constantly uses vulgar language and threatens other players if they don't agree with how he thinks game should be played or he cannot beat them in battle. He lost one kvk for kingdom already by letting enemy kingdom kill all his troops many times while his hero and shaman are not ready for battle or not with troops. He has threatened to lose every kvk if we don't give in to his demands. I love the fighting aspect but constant insults and vulgar language after he loses battles gets old. Many players have reported him and nothing ever seems to be done about this guy. If anyone ever deserved a permanent ban it is Garr. He truly is the scourge of Vikings War of Clans

11 июль 2019, 04:1111.07.19
When you say $2 000, are you referring to actual money?
11 июль 2019, 12:1911.07.19

You dont have to spend real money to play the game, but its very slow progress if you play for free.

Yes !

Some players spend thousands in real money, and so its impossible to compete with them.

I think what the poster was saying, is if you have money to burn, and do so, it doesnt make you a good player.