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Inga the Wise gets less skill points then other shamans?

Inga the Wise gets less skill points then other shamans?

19 сент. 2018, 20:0619.09.18

Inga the Wise gets less skill points then other shamans?

Hi all,

I got 4 shamans now and leveling them up, other shamans give MORE POINTS to spent on the same level as Inga.

For example:

I raise Ulf from level 20 to 21. He can spent 6 new skill points.

I raise Inga from level 20 to 21. She can spent 1 (!!) new skill point.

This happens all the time and at every level so far. All my 4 other shamans are getting more points, just Inga stays at 1 single point to spent at every level.

Bug? Feature? I am looking for help or an explaination. :)



Inga is level 23 and has 22 skill points in total now.

20 сент. 2018, 00:4120.09.18
20 сент. 2018, 00:48(отредактировано)

Something could be wrong.

Have you allocated everything?

My inga is level 35  and I have used 48, and have 14 unused  skill points.

Unfortunately  I don't know when they were awarded.

I do seem to remember I appeared to be 1 skill short when I started  Baggi, there wasn't enough points to allot 10 to weaken Ghosts  till I got to stage 2 and 11.

Of course this might how its supposed to be.

23 сент. 2018, 19:2723.09.18

Thanks for your answer. Any other ideas? Anyone? Still looks like a bug to me, how do I report it?

At least, with the bug-report, an official can answer if it´s really meant to be this way :)
24 сент. 2018, 03:4924.09.18
24 сент. 2018, 04:08(отредактировано)

I am surprised you have had no other imput.

Sometimes the moderators answer here.

You could try writing to support , theres a link, next to the link to the forum.

I see you posted again in technical help, which is where they now deal with bugs. 

Though people still do contact support.

17 март 2019, 04:5617.03.19

Was this ever addressed?

My Bagi gets 1 skill point while Ulf gets multiples every level.
17 март 2019, 15:0117.03.19
17 март 2019, 15:18(отредактировано)

From memory there is another thread on this topic.

I think its something to do with how powerful she,and so its not a bug.I cannot say if the programming was always like this.

I believe she eventually catches up,and I read that there are enough skill points when you hit level 60 for every boost.

At level 44, I have 117.

It isnt just about the skill points anyway, if you havent got the right level open, you may not be able to use them all.

I just realised you said Baggi,

I have Baggi 40 and 80 skills.

Maybe Baggi has also been reprogrammed .Maybe they all have.

I think Einar wasnt very popular and little used, maybe its a carrot.

You are only going to get a definite answer if someone recorded what happened previously, and they post the information.

Either way ,its the now that matters, and you just have to deal with it, if it is as it should be..