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Guide for atacking Uber invaders!

Guide for atacking Uber invaders!

11 авг. 2018, 01:5711.08.18

Guide for atacking Uber invaders!

Hello Vikings! 

 In this topic I will explain what you should do before starting to atack Uber invaders. If you want good items from uber invaders then make sure you check these points:

1. Make sure you have maxed hero knowledge in oracle, most important(hero offense, hero endurance, sustained atack). It takes time for the upgrades but better be patient than wasting your energy ;)

2. Hero skill points, you should max against invaders:

- weaken invaders 

- hero endurance 

- sustained atack 

- hero offense

These skills you should max. If you dont have enough skill points(depends from your hero level), you can leave energy restoration skill at 10/15.

3. You should buy energy packs. There is no way you can kill uber invader if you dont have a lot of energy items and if you want to keep the bonus between the atacks. Just look for the best offer(s) in the bank and go for it.

4. Invaders gear. Yeah there is invaders gear for your hero which gives you bonus %offense , endurance and reduces the invaders defense. You should go for this gear its really good. The materials for this gear, you can collect from Royal Guardsman(invader) and from Avarin(uber invader). 

5. When you are atacking these invaders, at the begining start with single atacks. After each single atack you get +15% bonus offense against that invader. So just keep atacking until you reach the maximum bonus % and finally you can go for sustained atack(which means you atack the invader several times at once). This will safe you some time.

6. Before start atacking ubers, you can activate the item bonus hero offense 20% for 1hour if you have one. Also dont forget to equip your gear for invaders if you have some of course. 

Bonus Tip: After all these preparations, now just take a look at daily bonuses and events. When there is daily bonus: hero endurance -10% , thats your day! 

Now let's kill some Ubers! 👊😁

Peace ✌️