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15 июнь 2018, 10:3915.06.18


Hi, I wrote a large  article in Vikings player vs player in facebook ,Been in game 31/2 years ,,If you are just starting out its a must read ,,,
15 июнь 2018, 14:0615.06.18

Hello, Garr!  It would be great if you duplicate your guide for beginners here. In case that some players don't have Facebook account.

6 авг. 2018, 07:4506.08.18

I have a Facebook account and still could not find your article.

It doesn’t do anyone any good if they can’t find it to read it.

Please put in forum so it is easy to find.

16 авг. 2018, 17:3816.08.18

1) I hope we have 4 kvk and 2 kvkr, these other 2 kvkr for farming. Too much fights.

2) found and lock, find the non clan jarls and locate them nearby for rss, each jarl has 3 of them in 5 days, the they randomly disappear.

Real hope!
20 авг. 2018, 20:2420.08.18

Hi I am 42-year-old my name is Sean mathesI am 40 billion influence I am from kingdom 10 we have been playing about four years in this game the minute I started I absolutely loved it anybody would it’s amazing we would fight just in our own kingdom it was basically  we were fighting the Russians and the French and the Germans we were all fighting for the pop building in the middle it was a much different game but man it was a lot of fun ,,I have been testing hundreds of traps best ways to do things in the last four years learning about the boosts what are the best troops to run where should I put my skill points things like that there really is an endless amount of learning In this game now one  thing you’re going to hear from reviews My shield just disappeared it didn’t work right you just get killed and it’s game over none of that is true unless you are responsible for it ,,,if you put a week shield guess what it will last exactly one week if you have any kind of lag in the game it is 100% your fault once I got an iPhone 8 My lag completely disappeared And eight is night and day difference compared to  iPhone 5s I had lots of lag with it ,,,,anyway here are some things that I learned along the way that was the best ways to do things maybe you have another way but these have been working for me in the last four years OK the first thing you need to understand is this game will take you time to become strong and powerful in the beginning few months you need to just concentrate on making your gear killing invaders and And gathering materials the first thing you need to start is all the invader knowledge get to the six  do every single learning to 10, that is the first and only thing you need to do,,You need to get a good set of experience gear and while you are killing the invaders you put on that gear and spend the 4000 gold and get the 25% extra experience it will help a lot and whenever you do tasks put on your experience gear it will multiply your number dramatically,,,to get your hero to level 60 which is  what you want ,,,I think it’s the guardsmen that carries the experience gear,,,,???,,,, there are only three Uber invaders in the middle They come once a week if you kill these three alone you will get invader materials for everything to make in the gameBut you cannot get regular materials like elixir or granite that you get from regular invaders not Uber or from tasks what I did was keep doing clan tasks with my experience gear on once I did all I had I would buy more in the clam store until I got to zero but just remember keep on that experience gear well killing invaders once you are a 60 then you start getting invader gear,,That will bring your heroes offense and materials much better but that is not impoetant  until you are a level 60 because that is what you are looking for first,, now this will take you probably a few months there is no reason to fight you need a good set of gear first,,, you cannot rush this game if you are attacking or joining a trap you only ever want to use one style of troop like Mili or cavalry you put all your skill points on the three reductions first on the bottom left then you do Troop attack 2 troop health 2  then with the rest you put on your selected troop type like Millie health Millie defense until you are out of points but selecting many troops  they will be weak ,,,,If you are fighting I would concentrate on getting a good set of lynx gear that is made for defense only if you put that lynx gear on when you were on offense it will be void if you are on offense you want to concentrate on the Scarcen gear  ,,,you will see there a special equipment that is the best but it will take you long time to get that I would concentrate on what I just said in the beginning few months even a good set of just basic standard gear when you are beginning  Will do the job just fine ,,,And when you are doing your learnings make sure you try to get some learning gear there is some in standard getting the building and learning amulets is a must and when you are doing your learnings make sure you try to get some learning gear and don’t be afraid to buy materials I have bought some  but you cannot buy invader material so before you do your invader learnings make sure you get the owl looking amulets in standard gear and Bracelets for building and they offer an extra bonus for 2535% for building and learning make sure that is turned on as well before you do the learning or the building,,Just take your time and don’t get frustrated this will take you months and months and months and don’t be worried that you’re going to be fighting one of the best kingdoms in the world they match you up with a kingdom that is relative and same size as yours do not make tierfive and six troopsWhile you are still weak ,, you must have the appropriate gear because they are huge points if the enemy kills them I would make tier 1 or tier 2 siege or Mili they are great for getting plunder,,,if you do decide to join a trap let’s say there are five extra reductions that you turn on when the enemy arrives you do not need to put them on before that just remember keep your points where I said and turn on the five reductions right when the enemy arrives  The basic are,,,they go higher in percentages when you win prizes 

1 20% attack

2. 20% def

3. 20% off reduction 

4 20% health red

5. 20% def red

 Those five you always use when you are attacking or you are defending if you lucky enough to have the 45 50% ones that you win they are  only 10 minutes so use them wisely I have died a lot of my friends have died my whole army dies,,,listen it doesn’t matter you’ll be mad for a few days your clan will help you out with resources just do not make big troops until you are strong In my smaller town ,, I can heal 5 million but by doing that my troop training is much slower so you have to make the decision do you want manners or infirmaries,,,once your invader learnings are done you want to concentrate on Shamen learnings and get good ruins which  is a must,,, now in your town you need to decide do you want your training speed to be fast or do you want to be able to heal all,,of you decide infirmaries you must have inga  she has infirmary capacity skill points once you get her to 50 it adds another 150% you can really heal a lot,,And defensive military learnings you always want to keep yourself safe as possible and if you open up somewhere to attack never open the shield twice  in one spot you will get spiedI can take my shield off and  on in a half a second with an iPhone 8 if you have a five or a Samsung good luck because it will be very slow getting your shield up when you take it offI hope this helps you beginners I am willing to post more messages if people like so let me know
20 авг. 2018, 20:3520.08.18
I don’t even know if this is in the right location I am an idiot when it comes to computers anyway if you have more questions or you want some tips I can help I play nonstop I know everything about everything but a lot of it is secrets that I do not want others to know I was thinking of starting somewhere as a trainer for somebody by getting me a gift card or something I’m not really sure but I have been testing traps and such for years I have so many tips and tricks  if I gave you a lesson for one hour about everything I know this game it would really help you there is a lot of dicks and wise asses that want to start with me  last time I said I was a legend because I am they are lucky I did not join their king them and kill them ,,,But platinum  interviewed me was the 1st to 100mil  killsI even got laid from this game she moved here to visit me I am always ranked in the top 50 or 100 in offense and defense in the world every week ,, I have 3 bil  kills ,,you ask anybody that faces meThey have never seen anybody like me I’d rip traps a part our kingdom is only lost 2 kvks  this year and there really are only two main fighters me and Ground Zero we just beat a clan that has not lost since they can remember when but I guarantee you when they leave I am one name they will never forget   GARR 
20 авг. 2018, 20:3720.08.18
OK everybody I hope this helped I did this on my personal time to help you so I hope you enjoy your beginners because I guarantee you if you did not read this you would have no freaking clue what to do
20 авг. 2018, 20:4420.08.18

Players like this make the game worthwhile. I had another very friendly teacher when I started... very fortunate to meet them in game at beginning.

Cheers Garr!!!
21 авг. 2018, 13:4921.08.18
Hello Jarls! 

GARR, thanks for staying with us for so long and we hope you'll enjoy the game in the future as well! You are the one who demonstrating generosity and selfless assistance for all community members! Thank you for helping to make our forum better!

11 июль 2019, 04:0411.07.19

And just HOW dies a Beginner learn to do the tasks mentioned in The Beginner's Guide?

How do you pay for a Shield? Where dies the Gold come from?

What is Experience Gear?

 How do you kill invaders?

So what do I do? Just upgrade buildings?

How about help for the true beginner?

11 июль 2019, 12:3511.07.19

All other questions have been answered , hopefully,in your other posts.

Dont worry about experience gear,its a more recent upgrade,only available if your clan has a stronghold in order to do the rearch needed,(expensive!) so will not be able to get that for a while, that is unless you are fortunate, a good player and spend lots of real money.

11 июль 2019, 21:2611.07.19
NONE of my questions have been answered.