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Proguide - Strategy for hitting special invaders

Proguide - Strategy for hitting special invaders

9 май 2018, 22:0409.05.18

Proguide - Strategy for hitting special invaders

Sometimes, usually around the holidays, Plarium puts a special type of Uber Invader on the map. There has been three different ones, the Snowiking, a leprechaun and Bruiser Bjära. The original Snowiking is the one that by far gave the best drops, but it seems they were too generous and adjusted that later. While the special invaders are no longer fantastic, they're still pretty great and worth some time.

The way I hit them:

- I use marching speed boosts, typically the highest I have for the first 15 minutes, where it's easier to find them, then the second largest the rest of the time.

- I put on Hero's invader gear, and I typically also put on a Hero's Offense boost, it seems to maximize the chest level drops.

- Then I use a random relocation and look from watchtower to find them. When the closest one is around 30km away, or if I see someone else hitting them in the same area, I use another random relocation, and go again.

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