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Proguide knowledge tips

Proguide knowledge tips

7 май 2018, 19:3107.05.18

Proguide knowledge tips

In this tutorial you can find a series of suggestion to considerably reduce the time needed to develop a Knowledge.  To develop a knowledge that takes a very long time to be upgraded, I suggest you to take some precautions. 

For example, a few weeks ago I upgraded the knowledge "Number of Marches II". At first, I had only Hero's skill "knowledge speed" at level 10 and the knowledge took almost an year.

Then, I understood that I could take advantage from some boosts and objects:

- Boost

In the "Development" section of the "Boosts" you can find "knowledge upgrade speed up 35%"

- Object 

You can equip your Hero and Shaman with special equipment. I equipped my Hero with 2 "Falcon Figurines" at legendary class; each of them increase learning speed by 30%

- Events

Pay attention to the current events. I developed the knowledge when the event "knowledge upgrades speed up by 10%" was ongoing.

 Well, at least the time to develop this knowledge has been 16w6d, so a considerable reduction!

This is the link to my video tutorial about this tip: https://youtu.be/d_ctrykM9ng


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