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Proguide True defense towns

Proguide True defense towns

7 май 2018, 00:3607.05.18

Proguide True defense towns

Setting up a defense town can be the best way to score points.  The key is to start with defense in mind.  When starting a defense town never complete event rewards. This will allow you to keep your influence low.  The only invaders you need to worry about are lynx.  This allows you to conserve energy.  

 Now that the basic items have been pointed out we look now at town set up.  The key is farms and infermaries. Build as many as you can.  The goal is to get your town to level 25 and all buildings to lvl 25. While working on getting your town to lvl 25 we move to knowledge.  Knowledge is key,  but we don't want to do just any knowledge.  We want to focus on defense knowledge. So only complete defense knowledge and anything that requires you to complete to get to higher defense knowledge. Remember to use your gold to buy large coffers of boost to speed up knowledge.  

Once you have completed all the defense knowledge you can at lvl 25 we move to troops.  The key is to be able to take a punch but win.  This can be done by making only the first tier troops.  Dismiss all higher troops except 500,000 of tier 4 or 5. Now number of troops is important.  Pick a specific type of tier 1 troop and start training them.  Make 60 million of them and 20 million tier one scouts. They are cheap and you can mass produce them with rewards from events. 

Once you have all your troops trained go ahead and drop your shield in an event.  You will lose more troops than your attacker but they will lose troops who are higher influence and you will win out on influence.  Once you are attacked heal your troops quickly. You will outscore almost everyone in an event just by being attacked.  

Don't forget to work on shaman to improve your defense. 


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