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3 Steps for begginer in viking - proguide

3 Steps for begginer in viking - proguide

1 май 2018, 23:0301.05.18

3 Steps for begginer in viking - proguide

As a new starter its best to have few things which are quite important of this endless and cunfusing mmo, we dont need to look on others of which level they are, equipment they have and amount of troops in the town, i want to share 3 steps besides of hundreds more to consern.

beside i aware that you have been involved in a clan for participating events to gain gold, items and boost as following are the 3 steps for you.

1. Get shield as long as you can.

By this means that you should use the gold to buy 3 days of shield plus a relocation that cost about 4100 gold in game store, make the shield like 1 or 2 months is best and recomgended.

2. Use the gold to buy VIP Points.

From earnings of cvc and kvk event we will get around 50k or more on a competitive clan and kingdom, ofcourse you will be shopping this and that but dont forget to invest few the 5000 points in VIP, you wont regret this.

3.Focus on hero ability equipment.

You might want to have all and getting imagination to use equipments but your items are still suck, look in invaders item and focus on hero ability like offense, energy regeration etc and i mean all of it such as helmet, vest, weapon, shoes, emulets.

Dont create until its 100% purple or gold, i mean epic or legendary and this includes also for gems.

All right 3 steps what i mention is good as a start and you can stressed on other things as you like in this game, mean while life is not all about vikings 👍 carry on.

11 июль 2019, 04:4711.07.19

Where dies the gold for a Sheild come from?

What is kvk and cvc?

What is a kvk or cvc event?

I gave been playing for 2 days. How long dies it take to be able to have a Hero?

Why are "Beginner Guides" not written so a Beginner can understand them?

11 июль 2019, 11:5411.07.19

They are written by players who might know stuff ,after playing a long  time, but they often dont explain well, and forget what its like to be a new starter and tell you to do things that are complicated or beyond your capabilities.

You have to buy or win gold or collect the free gold from the daily rewards.

If its a new kingdom you wont have to worry about KvK or CvC for  a while.You get a hero  straight away, the goal is to get him to level 50 as quickly as possible, then level 60, then above.
11 июль 2019, 21:3111.07.19

Then how does one win gold? [Details would be appreciated.]