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for begginners a little explanation for the good

for begginners a little explanation for the good

1 май 2018, 16:2501.05.18

for begginners a little explanation for the good

The new comers should game just for fun should not use abusive language , dont take anything serious such as defence failed or any other loss. First of all join a clan of your own language it will help u to upgrade faster . IN clan choose any of the resources such as food,silver,wood,iron and stone for hyper farming  ( producing anyone of the rss). make friends in the clan and score in events. Guyz keep your focus at upgrading knowledge and buildings dont go towards troops too soon or till u get much boosts to use them. For attack or defence by troops u should have equipments u can forge in the forge and u should chose any of the troops melee,ranged,siege,cavalry and killer for particular and u will do everything for it such as forging equipment according to ur troops and dont forget to use skill u can put on various things in hero abode.  keep ur shield up all the time and dont forget to use military boosts present in the boosts or for anything else .enjoy!
11 июль 2019, 04:5211.07.19

If you keep your shields up, how do you fight?

Why fight?

How does a beginner know what Hyper Farming is?

11 июль 2019, 11:4711.07.19
11 июль 2019, 11:48(отредактировано)

For 3 days you will have free shields after that you have to pay for them, the only way you can fight is to have a supply of shields , drop  them to attack and immediately reshield,as you can see its potentially  expensive, the other way is to have no shields , but then you will be attacked, you can avoid this, but  you need another shielded player with the ability to hold your army, and someone shielded to store your stock, the draw back to this is, its taxed everytime its moved.

In reference to another question about hypher farming, you will only know about this ,if you have read about it, it takes a clan and time to be able to do this, not a few days , unless you are a millionaire.

11 июль 2019, 21:3711.07.19

Ah, but my Clan requires Sheilds. 

If i set up a Shield now, it will drop in a few days. No Shield and no Gold. 

How does one earn gold?
11 июль 2019, 22:2111.07.19
11 июль 2019, 22:42(отредактировано)

Pascal I have read all your updates , but only going to post here.

I have some sympathy for you, but I think you are being somewhat  difficult and if your clan chief isnt helping then hes probably not a good chief and you are in the wrong clan.

You say you have followed and done the tutorial, if you have been paying attention that should give  you the introduction necessary, I would say its spoon feeding, over done, and gives you no freedom at the beginning.

I dont think  it tells you about invaders, which may be a mistake or deliberate,

You get some free energy, it builds up overtime. look at this list of things that you find on the map , find invaders in the list, pick one and attack it. its your hero that attacks and not soldiers

You farm your town , or collect resources in order to build more things and progress.

You get the intial gold free, and the game may give you more each day, If  you have already gone past palace 5 you have lost an alternative way to play the game.

You should be doing the tasks, can you not even do these? In order to spend no money or very little real money, you have to be in a clan with a very generous chief.

You will not be able to win much gold until the main competions start, I think its after 1 month, till then you do the daily personal tasks and clan tasks, can you not find these?

There are currently 5 events running, some finish in about 2 hrs time, you should be doing these , to win gold and boosts, there are events like these running all the time.One of these is collecting resources,you send out your soldiers,like they showed you in the tutorial.

You find the list  of events by clicking on the dagger that you find at the bottom of a list of symbols  on the right hand edge of the page.

I would help you if you were in my clan, however,

I think its probably not the game for you,

12 июль 2019, 02:2012.07.19
12 июль 2019, 02:23(отредактировано)

  The Pascal King,

One more attempt, have you read and watched the official video tutorial pages hosted by Ivor Marksman?

Also when you go to  log on to the game there are a scrollable list of offical guides.