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Miriam Eris Panou

Miriam Eris Panou

5 май 2022, 07:2605.05.22

Miriam Eris Panou

The original author's spelling is retained. 


Martin was son of the biggest leader in Southern Archipelago.. he started his adventure a few years ago. He wandered in the streets and while fighting he learned to have better skills.. the travelers led him to unknown places, unprecedented for him. Later he travelled to Greece and there he met Perseus, a Spartan Greek general who taught him the art of the phalanx and how to have a better strategy. From that moment he guided his soldiers properly. By the time he returned to his kingdom everything had changed.. A hostile people took the lead of the kingdom of martin while he was missing. Giving courage to his people, Martin told them never to give up, no matter what will happen. He always was saying "until the end together". With his words and his actions the people took courage and started have faith and hope again... He distributed all his possessions to his people .. gold and resources .. quickly came the development in their land. They fought and took their kingdom back. He built the largest army and with his experienced soldiers no one could resist him till now.. He later became the first advisor of the kingdoms keeping balances between them. A leader advisor with strategy but also the right guidance for the benefit of all.