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How to use the cardinals efectively by Maximus7008

How to use the cardinals efectively by Maximus7008

27 март 2019, 23:3527.03.19

How to use the cardinals efectively by Maximus7008

Plarium created 9 cardinals, of which 6 have a purely military specificity and 3 that combine the military and economic aspect.

To be able to make use of the cardinals, it is first necessary to develop the building: conclave of the cardinals, the latter can be built when your palace has reached level 18.

As the levels of your conclave are attached to the different levels of your palace, you will have the possibility to have access to all the cardinals.

Before specifying the procedure for using cardinals, we need to know their military or economic specificity which are mentioned through temporary and permanent bonuses.

To illustrate my previous comment, I will introduce two types of cardinals: a cardinal who combine the military and economic aspect (for example Hugo the dark) and a cardinal who strengthens the military aspect only (for example Helene at midnight).

Let us begin with Hugo the somber.

From the descriptive sheet of Hugo the dark presented above, the latter improves the effectiveness of a military action through temporary and permanent bonuses.

It is therefore easy to see that Hugo improves the attack on its army, as well as its ability to harvest or plunder resources, the speed of training of troops and the health of the army.

It must also be taken into account that the temporary bonus has an effective duration of 1 hour (see, descriptive sheet of Dark Hugo).

Therefore, the use of the cardinal is relatively short in time, to call upon the available cardinals, you must click on convocation.

As soon as Cardinal Hugo the Dark Activates, you can take action to develop troops and attack the enemy with any troop to benefit from the posted bonuses.

You can also only develop troops and then you can call on another cardinal who has a military specificity.

To optimise your attack efficiency, we can notice that Hugo the dark belongs to the dark room which is effective against the sun chamber.

So we have to think about establishing a tactical preparedness before launching an attack against an enemy. This tactical aspect will be developed in another chapter.

Take the example of Hélène de minuit.

We proceed in the same way to observe the specifities of this Cardinal Helen of midnight. 

Midnight Helen specializes for the majority in cavalry, so it is interesting to associate her with your cavalry troops if you have chosen to develop this type of troop.

It is necessary to study the enemy to adapt effective troops against an enemy and therefore to associate the good cardinal for a good result.