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Efficient use of the cardinals by the Jordan S

Efficient use of the cardinals by the Jordan S

27 март 2019, 17:1127.03.19

Efficient use of the cardinals by the Jordan S

Cardinals are very useful for two reasons: 

- Because of their permanent bonuses, which are strengthened by the overall strength of the army, 

- Due to their temporary bonuses, which further strengthen the power of the army in certain parts of the army, depending on which cardinals you activate. 

Unfortunately, their temporary bonuses are valid for a very short time - only one hour, and restoration is too long - up to 48 hours! 

In any case, it is advisable to have as many active cardinals as possible on a higher promotion level, in order to improve the performance of permanent bonuses. 

Of course, cardinals live in conclave, so it is very important to build an enclave - the higher the level of enclave (and the largest is 31), the greater the possibility of promoting the number and level of cardinals. 

The lowest active level is level 1, and the highest level is 10 that allows the full effect of a particular cardinal. 

Before summoning an active cardinal, it is necessary to choose an appropriate cardinal for a specific immediate action (attack, defense or any special activity - study, building or training). These last three activities have cardinals that are much more difficult to nominate - through the trophy of arms, which are gained only in attacking or defensive action with the enemy. 

At the same time, only one cardinal may be summoned, but it is possible to replace if you want to change the cardinal who has already been summoned. 

Also, it is important to know that cardinals can’t solve the problem themselves - it is desirable to put all the other resources available to the hero (appropriate equipment, boosts, bonuses, military items) and appropriate inquisitors next to them. In addition, there is a need to have a military as much training as possible, with a higher level of military status, or a military of the appropriate level. 

The cardinals you use more often can be marked as favorites.  My favorite is Eli the Witting. 

Cardinals should be used and invoked only in delicate situations, for example, when attacking an opponent of the same or higher level or when you expect such an attack.