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My Cardinals effective strategy

My Cardinals effective strategy

27 март 2019, 17:0427.03.19

My Cardinals effective strategy

1.  Palace shoul be at level 21 as minimum to build THE CONCLAVE OF CARDINALDS.

2. Depends on your kind of army you must to choose the apropiate Cardinal accordind to them.  Your power on attack, army defense and army health will increase and make you powerfull.

3.Spy the enemy to detect what kind of cardinals he has and then you can choose the more effective against him.

4.Sun Chambers is more effective against moon Chamber.  Moon chamber is better to use against twilight chamber and the Twlight chamber is better against the Sun Chambers.   Using the appropiate Cardinals will give you always bonus! 

5. Prepare your army...  use the all the bonusses available in your account and then choose your Cardinal  for attack...  defense of your castle or to participate on a raid.

6.  Have fun and always make friends...  life is only one and is too much better with friends.