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Strategic guide for the Cardinals from Gustavo

Strategic guide for the Cardinals from Gustavo

27 март 2019, 15:2627.03.19

Strategic guide for the Cardinals from Gustavo


The cardinals need a building from which to summon them. This building the "Conclave of Cardinals" and will have to have a castle level 21 to be able to build it.

The increased level of power of this building will increase the experience of the hero, the inquisitor and the points of power.

Next, you must decide that Cardinal is a summon, and this decision depends on the type of strongest troops you have, and your type of strategy, attack or defense.

To make this decision, the table provided by Throne is very useful.

Another feature that has to take in consideration, is that to promote them, and have to promote them at the highest level so that your security is complete, you will need, as indicated in the table:

• Resources.

• Gold.

• Weapons trophy

The latter, you can only get them in combat, and you will need many, so they choose only in this case.

Other advantages you get from the Cardinals are the following:

• Temporary bonuses, which are active only when you invocate them, and each Cardinal grants three.

• A permanent bonus, which is always active, whether or not you have invoked the Cardinal (for this reason, to have all the cardinals promoted at the highest level of a great advantage over the enemy).

• A bonus with respect to the cardinal's camera of your opponent.

To be clear about this last point, you must know well the card conflict, which is in the following:

Camera The Twilight Chamber is strong against the Camera of the Sun.

Camera The Moon Chamber is strong against the Twilight Chamber.

Camera The Camera of the Sun is strong against the Chamber of the Moon.


2.1 Tile Defense Strategy in Tiles.

• Use the darkening.

• Do not activate your hero's combat profile and choose an inquisitor like Adriano or Sixto and do not activate any military impulse.

• Collect with few troops near an enemy.

• Wait until those troops kill you. It gathers the information of its strength, type of hero, inquisitor when it attacks, etc.

• Select the right hero, with your defense profile, team, appropriate inquisitor and the Cardinal.

• Activate the defense force and send troops t4 or t5, to offer a more appetizing bait.

• With a bit of luck, your enemy will believe that you are a clumsy player and we will send a good number of troops to an attacker, who will give you trophies and points.

2.2 Castle trap strategy

Uses two secondary accounts or castles of friends, low power. Keep safe  the troops of these two castles. It is very important that the two castles are between 3 and 5 separation tiles. Leave in the castles some millions of resources to be good baits.

Move your castle away and wait. When the enemy is near the two castles, at the same time, so that you can study quickly, see what Cardinal has summoned, hero, inquisitor and type of troops.

Be quick, it is convenient that these movements rehearse on Monday and Thursday. Select hero, inquisitor, cardinal and increase and accelerate to 75%.

If you are lucky you will get a good triumph, since the castles are much more satisfying than killing in tiles.


The Cardinals offer many uses in times of peace, especially for economy, studies, construction and training.

Use when necessary to start a study or construction.

• Studios: Laurie Argent.

• Construction: Edmondo el Crimson.

• Training: Hugo the darkest.

Plan meticulously. You can only summon a cardinal for only 1 hour, and the restoration of the Cardinal bonus costs 2 days and 36 minutes when the Cardinal is at the maximum level, so you have to study and take care very well when you invoke each cardinal.

Remember the conflict of cardinals, since it has been used by Cardinal to neutralize the enemy according to this tbla ::

The Twilight Chamber is strong against the Sun Chamber.

The Chamber of the Moon is strong against the Twilight Chamber.

The Chamber of the Sun is strong against the Moon Chamber.

With a little luck, this guide will help you achieve great future opportunities.

(I apologize for translation errors)