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Eternal StrongHold (ESH)

Eternal StrongHold (ESH)

12 авг. 2022, 08:3312.08.22

Eternal StrongHold (ESH)

As  start of event ( OVO, KVK) never changes, i just want to notice that for non american players, deal ESH is very hard because start is in the middle of our night. If we decide to shield ESH 3 or 4 hours before the start because we want to sleep few hours during our night, we have to fight 24 hours after against ennemy who still have their ESH shielded and still earns reputations for fights still being in their middle day. There is, I think, inequity between american continent players and others. 

I guess your team support can't change the time of start (by rotation of 8 hours each week) but as they did for KVK several months ago (3 sixteen hours parts in KVK) , I suggest that you change the duration of shield at 16 hours. That allows to each player to fight ESH two times in each OVO and KVK and have one time  more appropriate range time to do this. 

I hope my english is understandable...

13 авг. 2022, 19:3913.08.22

Thank you, [7FFF99]Dasilexis[-], for the suggestion! I have forwarded it to our developers. Our specialists set this time as suitable for everyone, but any feedback is important for us 🤗