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Return prior fusion tab, and provide a 'fuse all to legendary' button.

Return prior fusion tab, and provide a 'fuse all to legendary' button.

21 нояб. 2021, 00:0221.11.21

Return prior fusion tab, and provide a 'fuse all to legendary' button.

The change to the gemmery layout (to accomodate legendary jewels) has made the game unplayable.

Players do not come here to endlessly mouse and wheel about fusing gems in internal player maintenance, but to battle. They come to play, not fiddle about with maintenance.

The change has made the game unplayable.


  • Please return the former tab 2 in the gemmery, to fuse gems, as before.
  • - this would at least permit jewel fusing in some sort of less unreasonable manner. i.e. Much less mouse wheeling, movement, and clicking.
  • Please change the now useless tab 4 Fusion (it does nothing but say go to tab 2), to what the current tab 2 does.
  • The whole I, II, III, at the bottom of the jewel icons is quite confusing and awkward. Intuitively, clicking on a jewel should show you (immediately) what it does, and how to get. Instead, one has to click on the jewel in the middle to find out what it does. This is bizarre and unintuitive. How to get should show you WHICH assailants drop them. Not a generic attack them.
  • - clicking on a jewel shows you 'what you can do with it'. This is unintuitive. It should be showing you 'what it is' instead.
  • The whole Fusion and Transformation tabs within yet another box is just too much and overdone. Please just add a Gemmery / Transformation tab duplicate of the prior Gemmery Fusion tab (2), and/or remove the Transformation sub-tab within each jewel, and place an addtional '| {jewel}' at the end of each jewel row, for transformation present legendary jewels.
  • - the idea of transforming legendary jewels to dust is just ... not on. The option for doing so should just not be present. Simplifying the interface.
  • = Alternately ... there is no apparent advantage to tranforming legendary gems. If there is an advantage ... make it apparent.


The Legenary Jewels upgrade, and Citadel upgrade (to level 5, requiring Gem Dust), requires an extraordinary amount of jewel acquisition and processing. We patronize the game to play it, not to merely endlessly mouse around in maintenance - please make the process of patronizing your  game enhancing investment reasonable / possible.

As it stands now, I will not be participating in such mindlessly boring endeavors. I would rather spend my time and $'s elsewhere in less unengaging activities.

Your call, as to whether you want to see any return upon your investment upon these game 'enhancements' staff / support / programing / markeing personnel time, and accrued salaries.

21 апр. 2023, 01:1521.04.23

all excellent suggestions and I see they never responded ... too bad, all that tedious busy work to get legendary gems and materials is a total waste of time and kills the desire to continue playing this game....

26 апр. 2023, 09:0826.04.23

major dittos to all these requests for the so called mindless efforts it takes for advancing for so called dust and the endless pursuit for smaller members trying to get citadels in a championship mode takes forever -minus the atm card for sum ,along with the endless garbage it takes just to find out you will need another huge amount before and after upgrades in arena-and countless time that i cannot give up in real life for DUST.......................Change IS NEEDED-NOW