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fairness with event competions

fairness with event competions

17 июнь 2020, 23:2517.06.20

fairness with event competions

I started a brand new order and just started a new citadel (lefvel 1 and no arena)  Durning the OvO of 6-15/16/17-2020 my order was put up against an order with a level 4 citadel and has an arena. We had two lines ahead of them but with under an hour to go, they are winning now. Due to citadel fighting we can't even compete in.

 This is CHEATING. Need to work out the criterias on points in the match for winning. The current set-up is not a fair one. Citadel fighting/arena should not count in OVO. create an Arena Event where that activity counts. Need to put compatable orders against each other and not stack it for one side.  need to have shields not drop during events. If a shield is to be on for 60 minutes, it should be on for 60 minutes.

How many times fair playing is not happening. I have been playing this game for about a year & half.

I am very upset by this flaw.

28 июнь 2020, 10:2228.06.20

orders with no citadel should compare

orders with lvl 1 against lvl 1

and so one

would be better balance gameplay
2 июль 2020, 17:5202.07.20
We are L3 with no arena and put up with L4 with arena that is unfair match.   The L4 with arena should put up to L4 with arena match.  We lost do the the arena they held and other things.   They match up are unfair lately.  
5 нояб. 2020, 16:5605.11.20

There is no way any one with lvl 3 citedal or lower can beat a lvl 4 citedal. Needs to be changed to make it fair. There bonus for having their citedal attacked gives them at least 3 categories. Not fair for us lower players.

5 нояб. 2020, 20:2505.11.20

The unfair matches to L35 happening all the time with our order that has only L31 and below.  We lose every damm time do to L35 has T7.  Suggesting that you match better with L35 to someone who can train T7 not T6.  The arena thing to Citadel L3 match to L4 there need to be a fair system to this game