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Odds and Ends......So to speak

Odds and Ends......So to speak

14 май 2020, 14:5414.05.20

Odds and Ends......So to speak

After playing the game many, many, MANY hours... In the course of playing the game, everyone ends up with items they will never. NEVER use, except to just use to get rid of it.

Now my suggestion is to add a new building. Call it a Trading Bazaar or Post where we can trade items of lower value for a better value item of same type. Also add the ability to trade extra Inquisitor Candles for other types of Candles. Could do alot more, sky's the limit.

Upgrading the building can open more item types to trade or a better return on the trade or both. I like both personally 

But as a quick example:

  • 5 "5minute building boosts - 10%Boost" for 1 "10minute building boost - 35%boost"

  • 3 "Steel Lilian Candles" for 1 "Inquisitor Candle of choice"
  • (might make Ann's candles a high level building upgrade before unlocking)

Don't know if someone has made this suggestion before, if so, it's a good one in my opinion.

Now for one I know has been asked and I'll just add it again.

Make a Citadel/Order Cart where we can move a Order Citadel to another kingdom. It would just move owner/master and the Del. We have carts already to move ourselves.

Thanks for your time and hope the idea's are worthy of everyone's time to read