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Looking for new Kingdom & Order - 1T Power

Looking for new Kingdom & Order - 1T Power

27 янв. 2022, 00:5227.01.22

Looking for new Kingdom & Order - 1T Power

Hi all, 

I'm returning from a 2-year hiatus, ready to pick up on my account where I left off. 

I haven't the slightest idea of any updates and changes that have happened since I've been gone, but I'm lvl 35 on everything, got "full" (not full anymore, surely) gear on hero and inq, and would like to join a group of active folks who can help me find my Throne enthusiasm again.

Looking for an order that takes part in order wars, kingdom wars, SH holding and assaulting, and all that fun stuff. Ideally, the kingdom would be drama-free with no Toxic Toms, but I might be asking for too much. I have carriages to take me anywhere. 

Please reach out to me somehow here or within the game. My name is spaceship and I'm in K181 at the moment.