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VWH is looking for strong knights

VWH is looking for strong knights

13 май 2020, 23:5213.05.20

VWH is looking for strong knights

Hi everybody,

VHW (Valfhelm Warriors) is looking for some nice, ambitous and active players with main troop-type knights.

We are settled in Kingdom Valfhelm #122. 

Actually we are about 20-24 lvl35 players with a  total power of more than 10 Trillion . We are a 100% fight order, very active. We only lost the two first rebellion wars. Since then we won all rebellion wars on first place earning milions and milions of trophies.

We are doing arena as often as possible.

We have a nice mix of american, european, (mostly romanian and german) players ( i am german, my account name is AIX) .

If you are interested please send a mail inside game to AIX, gsha or caie.