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Yielding materials tab

Yielding materials tab

6 сент. 2017, 13:3306.09.17

Yielding materials tab

After few month I have finally created this full yielding resource materials tab.

It was no so tough cause system familiar from Vikings

7 сент. 2017, 08:3607.09.17

Right! In fief we can get all materials. That's why I always farm it

7 сент. 2017, 08:5707.09.17

Vandal said:

Right! In fief we can get all materials. That's why I always farm it

Lol! That's why I always hit players on a Fief.

7 сент. 2017, 14:0407.09.17

wow. good job, dude. it's really useful, I'll take it for my order

11 март 2019, 19:5011.03.19
I am afraid I can't see any list.
12 март 2019, 09:0312.03.19

Martin said:

I am afraid I can't see any list.

There is a graphic in the first post.

It's URL is https://cnt-forum.plarium.com/file.bmp?g=077bf078-4a15-4d5d-a393-bd79b1a10c6a

 - if you can't see it, maybe that will help you track down the problem.

Note that yesterday there were SSL certificate issues with these links, but they seem to be gone now.
31 май 2019, 23:1931.05.19
Unknown_Ranger3 said:

Vandal said:

Right! In fief we can get all materials. That's why I always farm it

Lol! That's why I always hit players on a Fief.

Looking for suggestions... best technique for finding enemy yielding rss. Any suggestions ?
1 июнь 2019, 02:2001.06.19
1 июнь 2019, 02:24(отредактировано)
  1. If you would want to yield it, so would they. Look there.
  2. They are as smart as you are. If you can think to hit them, they can think to defend themselves.
    - or set a trap.
    - or work with a buddy to zero you as soon as you unshield.
    - or send so few that it isn't worth unshielding for.
    - or send so few that by the time you arrive they will have left.
  3. Tile hitting will make you the enemy of everyone. Act accordingly.
  4. Tile hitting yields few points vs elsewise. Yet one must prevent the enemy from yielding - in total they garner substantial points for themselves.
    - better to zero enemy order towns, but the same problem lies there: How to find unshielded enemy towns, Especially if there aren't any - and determining that is time consuming.
  5. Put your town in the middle of the likely areas so you can use your watchtower. Scan regularly, look for tracks.
  6. Put your town next to your enemy's citadel - watch for tracks.
    - get an order caller. They do this then call out tracks / destinations in order chat.
  7. Check in your watchtower for all rss types (Hunter's Settlement, Ore Mine, Fief, Stone Pit, Logger's Camp), but check Assailant's Camps and Apostate's Crypts first - catches all rss, and if recently killed, likely still being yielded for you to hit.
  8. If you see tracks, prepare to arrive shortly after they do.
  9. They are more likely to be in higher quantity / faster yielding tiles. i.e. Alpha Assailant camps.
    - fortunately, this means your watchtower can probably see most of them.
    - this also means the players are likely more knowledgeable, and correspondingly harder to catch.
  10. Catch 22 - as soon as you catch a few points, they know a tile hitter is in the area and stop yielding - chasing away the very game you want.


1 авг. 2019, 10:1501.08.19
Was wondering: what amount of troops do you need to send (per level of node ?) to get an item ? For example when I send 20K troops, I maybe have 10% chance of looting something. How many should I send to have 90% ? Does anybody have accurate numbers ?
2 авг. 2019, 05:4802.08.19

Can you give an example of what you mean?

If you are talking about getting an item as part of yielding a tile, the person that completes the looting of the tile gets a goodie. The value of that goodie increases with the amount yielded in that 'session'.

So you always want to yield a full tile, and all the way until empty, in one go.

And, of course ... doing so means you are there for a while, and all the while your chances of being tile hit are going up. (Thus Safe Conducts.)

Yield rates can be improved through equipment and so on, but the biggest increase in rate comes from yielding the highest possible tile level. Especially Alpha's. (Higher rate, less time spent, less chance of being tile hit. With Hero and Inq. present, better change for yield rate to be under 1h, making a safe conduct worthwhile. This is while tiles of level 7, 8, and 9, and in such high demand.

Regardless in the end, the odds of getting an items, and it's strength, don't seem to be 'improvable'.

Their odds are their odds.

If you check the forums, there are charts of which has which material. Check out, for example, the gems unique to Alphas. Rare gems of the 3 primaries, Variscite, Turquoise, and Fluoride almost always drop, but not always, some time while you are killing the Alpha. However, mostly always you get the other Alpha unique gems than these. But no  guarantees. And sometimes you had go through half a dozen Alphas or more and get none of it.

If you give a specific example of what you mean, perhaps we can better answer your question.