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Achievement Cheatsheets (multilingual)

Achievement Cheatsheets (multilingual)

9 апр. 2022, 01:0809.04.22

Good to hear and know. Thanks.

> My error has been to let each cardinal count down to zero before summoning the next one 

Yes, more than a few have run into this - some taking months before thinking to ask. As written, it is easy to read things as you did.

4 сент. 2022, 18:2304.09.22
4 сент. 2022, 18:27(отредактировано)

Here is an improved version of the Butcher of Amaria table.  I edited together screen shots from vikings.help which had the updated table, and throne.help which had the name and picture for throne.  Neither one of the tables alone on the help web site was sufficient for throne players (my editorial comment for fair use).  The numbers from vikings are identical to throne at level 11, I will be testing level 12 soon.


13 янв. 2023, 02:3413.01.23

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