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Charts: Castle gear vs not.

Charts: Castle gear vs not.

19 янв. 2020, 13:2119.01.20

Charts: Castle gear vs not.

With MANY THANKS to the KaW Discord community for helping me work through the insidious intricacies of this all.


  1. Battle gear will be equivalent across troop types. Example chosen will correspondingly equate exactly to every other troop type.
  2. Ann has max. Castle gear on, other has max. troop specific gear.
  3. Max. troop specific jewels applied throughout.
  4. Runes not included / accounted for, but would net out when applied throughout.


Part 1: Inquisitors

Numbers above (do indeed) sum Blessings with Bonuses.

Raw ods file.

BELOW: Raw source for copy / paste / revising.

CONCLUSION: Even during a raid, UNLESS A CASTLE IS INVOLVED - use Battle Inquisitor not Castle Inquisitor (Ann)



Lilian Ann Delta – Lilian over Ann

Knight Training Cost -10% -10%

Marching Speed +240% Marching Speed +160% +80%

March Headcount +36% March Headcount +30% +6%

   Raid Troop Headcount +10% -10%

   Raid Troop Offense +5% -5%

Reduced Enemy Warrior Health -20% Reduced Enemy Warrior Health -20%

Reduced Enemy Warrior Defense -20% Reduced Enemy Warrior Defense -20%

Reduced Enemy Warrior Offense -20% Reduced Enemy Warrior Offense -20%

Knight Health +228% Knight Health +72% +156%

Knight Defense +248% Knight Defense +72% +176%

Knight Offense +244% Knight Offense +60% +184%

Army Health +30% +30%

Army Defense +30% +30%

Army Offense +30% +30%

Army Health During Defense +20% Army Health During Defense +20%

Army Defense During Defense +20% Army Defense During Defense +20%

Army Offense During Defense +20% Army Offense During Defense +20%

Army Health During Offense +20% Army Health During Offense +20%

Army Defense During Offense +20% Army Defense During Offense +20%

Army Offense During Offense +20% Army Offense During Offense +1% +19%

   Army health when defending Castles +245% -245%

   Army defense when defending Castles +203% -203%

   Army offense when defending Castles +297% -297%

   Army health when attacking Castles +237% -237%

   Army defense when attacking Castles +249% -249%

   Army offense when attacking Castles +259% -259%

Offense Against. Enemy Spearmen +15% +15%

Offense Against Enemy Ranged +20% +20%

* Remove all gear, examine doctrine %, e.g. Knight Offense (I/II/III – 10%/15%/25%) = 50%. Examine Inquisitor Bonuses – note the Bonus

  total does not include Blessings.     

* Remove one piece of gear – note the %’s listed from it are no longer included within the Bonus total.

19 янв. 2020, 14:3919.01.20
19 янв. 2020, 22:42(отредактировано)

Part 2a: Hero Elite Skills.

110 points max. https://throne.help/en/resources/skillpoints/

Central column must be completed to max out March Headcount III - 80 points, leaving 30.

Health, Defense, 10 each = 20. Leaving 10.


200%, 10 points, Raid Troop Offense II - https://throne.help/en/tools/elite/, vs

100%, 10 points, troop Offense III

- arguably, you want to be doing 1-man raids, for greater march counts, anyways.

Part 2b: Hero Main Skills.

Troop-Specific vs Non-: Only difference last 2 skills +10% 'Raid Troop Offense' and +20% 'Raid Troop Headcount I' - taking many skill points to reach. https://throne.help/en/tools/skilltree/

Beyond the de rigeur 50 points to max out Reduced Enemy Health, 45 additional skill points needed to reach the Raid Troop x skills. (5 Army Offense II, 20 Marching Speed I, 20 Training Speed III).

There are not enough skill points available to max out troop and army health / defense / offense. 11 more skill points would be needed than are available to take the last one, Army Offense II, from 14 (3.2%) to 25 (10%).

Note that using 2 points to finish off Army Offense I from 3 (2.5%) to 5 (3.5%) is an increase of 0.2% over increasing Army Offense II 14 (3.2%) to 16 (4%).

Applying skill points prioritizing Health, Defense, then Offense, and highest to lowest (1 exception); Reduced Enemy, then troop specific, then generic ... as said above, there aren't enough skill points available.

To get to Raid Troop Offense (+10%) / Headcount (+10%) requires 45 intermediary points (beyond Reduced Enemy Health), then 50 points for them.

So 95 points would have to come from elsewhere to max. out raid points.

For raid it is arguable that the the extra 10% is not worth the deductions elsewhere that would be needed. As would be true for Castles.

[Troop-specific offense I (17%) and II (53%) far exceed their Army-generic equivalents, and Raid Troop Offense (10%).]

To max out Offense, including Army Offense II, Raid Troop Offense, and Raid Troop Headcount I, would mean stripping out many Health and Defense skills. YMMV.