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silver tax for master of order

silver tax for master of order

18 янв. 2020, 01:1518.01.20

silver tax for master of order

what is the best way to take my silver and avoid a tax for being a master of order
18 янв. 2020, 04:3918.01.20
18 янв. 2020, 04:40(отредактировано)

1) Have master send all Silver daily to Order Bank.

- actually, you only have to keep an eye on when the ES goes guarded, then add 24h. That's when the tax will be levied. So do the above -just- before, and you'll pay the least tax.

2) For Ovo, -just- before event end, switch master to your Order Bank. It gets the RSS, including Silver, if you win OvO. Switch back 5 minutes after event end - -ONCE- the "you won, here's your rewards" message lands on you. If you don't win, no harm, other than a few mail messages that go out to everyone in the order. [Be VERY careful in switching Masters. Do it right, easy peasy. Do it wrong ... it's a one way trip. Wrong as in, to not someone you trust to give it back, and actually does so.]

A) Alternate strategy - keep zero Silver with the master. Have it be a dummy account. It is only needed for two things, anyways: Demoting a counsellor; changing the order code. So reverse / switch master out upon OvO win, then back.