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Yes, 'Subscription: Trade Relations' means 0 per cent tax to Citadel.

Yes, 'Subscription: Trade Relations' means 0 per cent tax to Citadel.

26 дек. 2019, 13:5226.12.19

Yes, 'Subscription: Trade Relations' means 0 per cent tax to Citadel.

Given the new Citadel level ... this should be handy.

Sent to support:

[Pasting as text for search engines: The ‘Subscription: Trade Relations, 30 Days’ notes ‘Tax on Sending Resources 0%’. Does this include sending resources to the Citadel?'

This is for:

Got back from support:

[Once you purchase the Trade Relations Subscription, you can send resources to the Order Citadel and to the members of your Order without paying taxes.]

https://plarium.com/forum/en/throne-kingdom-at-war/597_news--updates--and-contests/136041_lords--join-our-channel-on-discord-/ has been a real friend here on this, too.

: Anyone happen to know if this means no tax on carts to the Citadel, not just to other players? 

Groundstomper: Support stated that Trade Relations will be 0% to the Citadel

: Interesting. Thanks. Essentially means you don't lose 1/4 of everything you send to the Citadel. Hmmm.

[My tax to the Citadel is 25.11%.]

: And even if you relay it, it's only -8% to the relayer. Still much better than ~25%.

Groundstomper: I agree. Only reason why I got verification with it is because I had asked the same question if the Trading Guild had that included and their reply was no and it was only through the Trade Relations that would be possible 

To me that would have been a better deal to have that included in the Trading Guild, otherwise I am looking at a total of $40 for both 

Skyscanner: I have the subscription 0% tax to Citadel  and I spend a lot of time relaying 

it is also worth it just to be able to send 860 M rss to the Citadel each trip

2 янв. 2020, 00:1302.01.20
2 янв. 2020, 00:14(отредактировано)

After this boost:

Adds (only) an extra 16M per cart.

So, from a Citadel perspective, at 300M RSS to the Citadel, this subscription pack becomes worth it.

This is vis a vis a 100B US$19.99 RSS pack.

Because you save the 25.11% tax on carts to the Citadel.

If you are relaying (Send to Order mate who has this subscription, for forwarding on to the Citadel.), then this number is a little low, as there is an 8% tax on carts to Order mates.

[That math seems wrong / for break even point. Thread contributions welcome.]