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inquisitors gear

inquisitors gear

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inquisitors gear

which gear is best for which inquisitor  
19 сент. 2019, 12:5719.09.19

Motorhome Mike said:

which gear is best for which inquisitor  

This is easy to figure out on your own.

For any given inquisitor, click the Bonus icon on the left.

Click on it to see what that Inquisitor will bring to your table. e.g. On Steel Lilian

So, she is Knight.

Then in the workshop, chose the 3rd / equipment tab, and change the select equipment type to Inquisitor's equipment. Look for equipment that matches. e.g.

Note that the Battle Inquisitors have 2 sets of equipment available to them. e.g.

Some notes:

- in the end, the biggest wins, and takes 80% of the troops of the loser. So, size matters. And amount - apparently something like 1 trillion t1's will beat a full RAID march of t7's.

- until you can do this, it don't matter. i.e. There's always a bigger bully around, and you will be shielded most of the time. Which is all only to say, don't waste your time with anything less than Legendary equipment - save your Rare and Epic until you can build it.

- which seems to suggest 'do' build the better equipment, above.

- the better equipment above takes the lesser equipment as inputs, so go ahead and build [some (*)] of the lesser equipment.
* mostly it is not a direct input, e.g. shield -> shield, so make a map of which inputs to which, and build accordingly. e.g. Don't build 2nd talisman beforehand (if it doesn't map) of lower, and build first higher X. That frees up the lower X to serve as input to Y. [You could build a higher 2nd talisman first, is that makes sense for your circumstances.]

You may find https://throne.help/en/resources/inquisitors/ or https://throne.help/en/resources/equipment/ useful.