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Attack, Defense, and Health Attributes

Attack, Defense, and Health Attributes

12 сент. 2017, 22:2112.09.17
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Attack, Defense, and Health Attributes

Hi, If anyone could please explain how the Attack, Defense, and Health attributes effect attacking or defending.  I"ve played most of Plariums  games and they were very simple with the Attack Offensive  stat directly vs the Defense stat.

In this game it seems to be a bit different  as it also has a health stat. It seems to not be Offensive vs Defense but certain Units being vulnerable to other unit types with the 25% and 50% effects

My questions is:

Does Attack, Defense, and Health attributes all equally effect a unit the same weather it is in the Attacking army or the Defending army?  or do they effect one way more than the other?

Thanks for the help

13 сент. 2017, 00:3413.09.17

Simple to test for yourself. Just clash twice the same armies when boosting only your attack (alternatively only your defense) and go as the atttacker once and as the defender the other time.

In other words - do yourself what you want others to do for you.
18 май 2018, 22:2518.05.18

This is a forum, it's meant to ask and answer questions. 

There are too many variables to take into account to test all of the attributes and some players don't have the time to spend for testing everything. How do I know if I need to spend time and resources by carrying out offensive studies if I intend to play deffensive by now? How can I find out what to study if there's nowhere we can find that information? Obviously I need the info before I spend my resources and time, so the "test by myself" stuff is a catch-22. Or do you suggest I study offensive skills to find out if it works in defense or not? 

This is a forum. If you are not willful to help and answer questions maybe you shouldn't be here.

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23 май 2018, 08:5023.05.18
samoainmlila said:


Hi, stranger 
10 июнь 2018, 06:3110.06.18
10 июнь 2018, 06:32(отредактировано)

Well health is calculated in all equasions wether your attacking or defending so always good. Same with enemy health reduction. Im not positive on attack or defense boosts/reductions.

yea often wondered this myself. When you attack someone, is your defense value useless since your attacking. Is it ONLY calculating your attack value vs their defense value, and same with defending. If someone attacks your city, does it take into account your attack value at all since your the one being attacked, or is defense the only factor in that equasion (along with your health of course).

Same with hero skills. If you don't get attacked in your city much since your mostly shielded, but you attack a lot do you need any defense skills at all on your hero or should you focus always on offense boosts/health/enemy reduction. For an attacker is activating a defense boost item even necessary if your tile hitting/raiding all the time and not just sitting at home in your city unshielded.
14 июнь 2018, 18:5814.06.18
^^^^^ This! I wonder the same seems no one really knows.
14 июнь 2018, 20:2914.06.18
As I heard first of all your troops loose defense points and only then health points