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Questions about Raid Mechanics??

Questions about Raid Mechanics??

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25 июль 2020, 07:3225.07.20

Questions about Raid Mechanics??

If the raid leader has gear spec https://omegle.onl/ https://xender.vip/ of Cavalry, should everyone who joins the raid put in cavalry troops? Or whatever troops THEY are specialized in? If I join that raid with spears and my spear specd hero, do I help the raid or hurt the raid? Why?

26 июль 2020, 21:2426.07.20

Send with the gear you have.

What the raid leader has has no bearing on what you do/n't send.

- the only way you could hurt the raid is if the enemy only has one troop type, specialized against your troop time. (*)

Each participant contributes their expertise to the raid. If the enemy has many troop types, the raid will need to include many troop types from the many players in the order that specialize in the different troop types.

However, the raid leader may call for (only) particular troop types. Usually based on having scouted the enemy to determine the types of troops there. If the enemy only has one troop type, the raid leader will only prefer contributors that best fight against that troop type.

(*) Not strictly true. If the enemy has millions of t7 present, you sending 10 t1's is only giving them points.